Israel vs. Hamas

HOW would YOU react?

A small country (20,770 sqkm) is being attacked by its neighbour. This neighbour, without provocation, suddenly in one salvo launches 130 rockets, indiscriminately aimed in the direction of 2 major cities, hitting without warning  occupied apartment buildings. Over the next 6 days 3000 rockets were launched towards densely populated areas.

HOW would YOU react?


Israel is a small country with about 8 to 9 million population of whom 6 million are Jewish.

The aggressor is Hamas, a terrorist group, who control the Palestinian population, nearly 2 million,  in the Gaza strip (365sqkm) which borders Israel in the north and east, Egypt in the south and Mediterranean sea in the west.

The Hamas covenant mentions: We will drive the Jews out of Israel, from the River (river Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean). Just last week a leading Hamas official went on TV and ordered Palestinians living in Israel to take a knife onto the streets and kill every Jew by slitting their throat. He even showed how it should be done by pointing to an artery in the neck.

In simple language.

Hamas wants to murder 6 million Jews.

Go back 82 years to 1939 when Nazi Germany started to murder Jews living in Germany, by 1945 they had murdered 6 million Jews from all over Europe.

The world stood by and let it happen.

In 2021 we have a similar situation, not Nazi Germany but Hamas is aiming to murder 6 million Jews.

Will the world again stand by and do nothing?

Without a strong Israel the answer is YES.

Israel will defend its population and will NOT allow Hamas in Gaza or Hezbollah in Lebanon to murder 6 million Jews , both are terrorist groups financed and armed by Iran. 

HOW would YOUR country  react?

Your country’s leader  would react like any leader would react.

They send their defence force to demolish the rocket launchers and eliminate the capabilities of its leaders.

The attacking country deploys its rocket launchers and its infrastructure within areas, where the majority of its population lives.

Israel has protected its population by building bomb proof shelters in their buildings and neighbourhood.

AND has installed within its 20,770 sq km area, an Iron Dome system of defence that has disabled about 90% of incoming rockets, before they hit a populated target.

Hamas deploys its rocket launchers and its leader’s infrastructure within areas, where the majority of its population lives. Knowing vey well that its population  will be vulnerable to Israelis counter attacks.

Hamas has not protected its population with bomb shelters, Hamas spent its money on acquiring rockets.

Unfortunately, as in all wars, innocent citizens are being killed, on both sides.

Many more civilians have been killed in Gaza, where the population is not protected by its leaders, than have been killed  in Israel  who build  sophisticated protection equipment for its citizens.

Civilians have also been killed from Hamas own rockets, a number of them failed and exploded within the Gaza borders.

Major media outlets such as the ABC and Nine media in Australia, show extreme anti- Israel bias. (the rest of the world have their own versions of ABC Australia and Nine Media). Nine Media in one of its news bulletins showed Israeli bombs falling continuously on populated areas in Gaza. In the same clip they showed Hamas firing a number of rockets. This image showed the rocket launchers clearly located within a densely populated Gaza suburb. Their commentary was only about Israeli rockets falling on Palestinian homes, no mention of the rocket launchers being located in residential areas.

Israel’s choice according to the left media “Don’t retaliate, just let the Hamas rockets fly in and kill your citizens”

Hamas, firing thousands of rockets at innocent civilians in Israel receives no condemnation at all, left news organisations squarely lay the blame on Israel.

Some news organisations are quoting the number of death like it is a football game.

Palestinians 192 v Israel 12

That makes Israel the aggressor.

Hamas attacks in numbers firing many rockets but 90% miss target, leaving their defence open to a quick attack. Israel defence stops the attackers from scoring a direct hit and Israel attack with precision, causing many casualties  According to the left this is unfair.

Most to the left News organisations have a biased opinion of this conflict according to them; Israel are the aggressor despite overwhelming evidence shows Hamas started this conflict and Hamas is using its population as a human shield

Are these news organisations anti-Israel or anti-Semitic?

Eddy Boas


About the Author
Eddy Boas is the author of 'I'm Not A Victim -- I Am A Survivor.' He lives in Australia
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