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Israel, You’re on the Right Track

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Before October 7, Israel was rife with internal division and doubt about where it was going, whether with judicial reform, the secular versus religious nature of the country, the future of Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria, and more. After months of mad-spiraling protests by hundreds of thousands of Israelis, it seemed like the state was ready to fray at the seams, or, as some predicted, even head towards civil war.

Unfortunately, it took the genocidal Hamas jihadist rampage in southern Israel to wake us up once again from our stupor as to what the real threats are that we must focus on, such as terrorism, Iranian nukes, and global anti-Semitism. Seeing the proverbial sword at our throats on October 7 and after from our myriads of external enemies (Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis, and Jew-haters around the world) finally woke us up.

It is not that dissimilar to the rise of Nazis, who made Jews realize that regardless of whether they were religious, secular, or even completely assimilated, they were non-the-less Jews in the eyes of Hitler and his henchmen and that even if just one grandparent was Jewish, that was enough to have you sent to the gas chambers and furnaces of Auschwitz.

As we know, from the ashes of the Holocaust, G-d brought our redemption and the founding of the modern State of Israel after 2,000 years of painful national exile. Now too, with the October 7 massacre of Israelis, 75 years after the Holocaust, we are experiencing the birthing pains of Mashiach. Already, we can start to see the unveiling of the next stage of our deliverance from our enemies roundabout, the emergence of the next major wave of the ingathering of exiles from both Europe and America and ultimately, the setting of the cornerstones for the establishment of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. This is not science fiction, but the very fulfillment of Hashem’s promises to us, the Children of Israel.

The war of October 7 is truly one of light against darkness in the world. And not only against the evil terrorists but also their hateful, genocidal supporters around the globe who seek “intifada revolution,” and our annihilation “by any means necessary.” To defeat them, we need the ultimate faith in the Almighty and the determination to fight and win from Gaza to Iran.

Our strength is the combination of our dedication to serving Hashem and our mighty determination for our national and religious freedom in a world all too often of darkness, hate, and despair where rape is portrayed as resistance, where mutilation, murder, and hostage-taking are justified by those who reject peace and coexistence, and where their vile supporters chant their racism and hatred from city centers to cancer hospitals.

I believe that Israel’s leaders are completely on the right track with the pursuit of their goals to defeat Hamas, rescue the hostages, demilitarize and deradicalize Gaza, and neutralize Hezbollah and ultimately the nucleus of evil, the Iranian regime. There look to be many difficult days ahead, but in the face of those who seek to extinguish the light of Judaism and Israel, we must remain fully determined to live righteously, fight for what’s right and ultimately for peace and security, and never give an inch to those that continue to seek our destruction.

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Andy Blumenthal is a dynamic, award-winning leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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