Israeli Action Shows to Binge After Fauda

You might just discovered Fauda’s first season or maybe the wait for the 2nd season to stream on Netflix just tires you, or maybe you are just bored by mainstream shows. Well, don’t worry, because I think I found a solution to your problems. Here are 4 Israeli Action and thriller shows that might fill that void you have since your last binge of a new show.

Prisoners of War (Hatufim)

PoW is the show that “Homeland” was loosely based on. The Israeli show had only 2 seasons but they captivated the Israeli audience (and apparently, foreign producers and buyers). The show portrays the return of Israeli soldiers who were abducted and held captive by terrorist organization in Lebanon 17 years ago. 2 soldiers return alive and the 3rd body remains were brought back, part of a deal. The show deals with the familial drama and tensions of the now returning prisoners of wars and also the suspicion they get from the establishment. The first season is more of a thriller and the second season have more action sequences.

Where: Hulu, Amazon

Prisoners of War trailer

False Flag (Kfulim)

Imagine waking up in the morning one day, open the morning news only to find out you are a suspect for kidnapping a foreign country minister of defense and your name and picture are shown to the whole world. And it’s not only you, but 4 other people you have never met. This show is about 5 Israeli citizens who find out that they are the suspects of the kidnapping of the Iranian minister of defense. This great thriller has only one season for now with rumors about second season coming out later this year.

Where: Hulu

False Flag trailer

Mossad 101 (HaMidrasha)

Have you dreamt about becoming a spy? Wanted to feel like James Bond? Maybe get a sense of how people like Anna Chapman tick? Mossad 101 tells the story of Mossad’s new cadets in their basic espionage training, the challenges, ethical dilemmas and the competition to remain in class. The first season is more lighthearted featuring a cast of well known Israeli actors and celebrities. It also took inspiration from reality shows. The second season features new cadets in their last stages of training and their involvement in a real operation. The second season is darker and more violent than the first ones and the stakes are higher because its not just about graduating and getting to the field, its about surviving the mission.

Where: Netflix (currently only the first season)

Mossad 101 trailer

The Gordin Cell (Ta Gordin)

For genre fans, I would describe this show as something between Homeland and The Americans set in modern-day Israel. Eyal Gordin, an Israeli hero, a lieutenant in the Israeli Air Force and the Assistant of the IAF commander is a real patriot. What he doesn’t know is that his parents came to Israel as a Soviet sleeper cell and now the modern Russian Intelligence are interested in using them to turn him to a russian spy. The show served as a basis for the American show Allegiance, although The Gordin Cell is much more captivating and thrilling. The actor Mark Ivanir portrays Russian Spymaster Londin.

Where: Netflix

The Gordin Cell trailer (Hebrew)

So there you have it, 4 Israeli action shows you can start binging right now to your heart’s delight.

About the Author
Dov Trachtman is an Israeli political analyst and cultural critic.
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