Salim Joubran Heads Israeli Elections

Boko Harem is joining up with ISIS.

Moderate PA leader Abu Mazen says he will never recognize a Jewish State, but demands a Palestinian one without Jews, as he “rules” in the 11th year of a 4-year term as president.

Arab countries around the Middle East are in chaos, with too many murders in Syria to count. Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan are in crisis, and let’s not forget Iran.

But, it is time again to celebrate Israel Apartheid Week.

Going and growing for the last ten years, and spreading like a virus. IAW has infected many college campuses in Europe and North America.

In South Africa recently, Arab activist Bassem Eid had to be escorted away by security for his safety. BDS supporters of IAW would not let him speak about his concerns of bad PA leadership.

Using the internet to share their ideals, according to the IAW website:

Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) aims to educate about apartheid Israel and to build Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaigns…

Be creative! Draw attention to Israeli apartheid by erecting a mock Israeli Apartheid Wall or Checkpoint, organising a flash mob or creative demonstration or by holding a concert or poetry reading.

Students in Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, Belgium were the latest campus group to make a fuss to erect such a wall. You have to be creative when weaving a narrative.

Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, Israel, it is election time again.

Many have complained about this election, coming too soon, too much outside intervention, too much money wasted, and on and on.

In Israel, there is a Central Elections Committee to watch over the process to ensure fair elections. For the first time there are overseas ballots being cast. Diplomats posted abroad were able to vote on March 5, 2015.

The Government Press Office invited the foreign press to the Israel Foreign Ministry to see a live feed from a few of those posts around the world; Berlin, Tbilisi, Pretoria, and New Delhi.

Purim Foreign ministry election 031toi

No foreign media film crews showed up for the briefing, which was held deep in the guts of the Foreign Ministry compound.

Perhaps they were too busy looking for the best Purim costumes in Tel Aviv?

Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran is head of the Central Elections Committee for this upcoming  Knesset elections on March 17.

An Israeli Arab talking about democracy and importance of voting is less news worthy than some drunken men on the street?

Israeli apartheid?

Or democratic electoral process, which is true?

Which is the real story that needs to be shared?


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