Israeli Companies Prioritizing New Skills in Software Development Applicants

Amidst evolving employment trends, several notable Israeli companies are prioritizing new technical skills in software development applicants. Israel, also known as the Startup Nation, is currently seeking additional manpower needed to meet labor demands, performance targets, and software engineering goals. In fact, they are already outsourcing more than 18,000 jobs to Ukraine and India. These Israeli outsourcing plan operations are bringing a wide-range of international talent into the country. As a prospective software developer, this means that Israel may be the perfect place to launch a new programming career. After all, there’s a much better chance of getting recruited for high-paying, top-level positions in this lucrative job market. To succeed in these exciting opportunities, read on to discover the new skills Israeli companies are prioritizing in software development applicants.

Coding Languages

When vetting software development applicants, Israeli companies carefully look at coding language skills. Employers want job candidates to specialize in a specific coding language. After all, solid source code knowledge is needed to successfully write, read, and maintain custom software programs. If you are note already fluent in a programming framework, start researching and become an expert in a language that is widely used and accepted. Some of the most common languages include JavaScript, Python, and Google’s Golang. Or, consider becoming an expert in Ruby on Rails or Rust. Certainly, Israeli companies are prioritizing coding language skills when finding the best software development applicants.

Data Structures And Algorithms

Next, Israeli businesses are stressing that applicants also have a working knowledge of data structures and programming algorithms. Most engineers don’t realize data structures and algorithms are the heart of development. As a result, companies expect engineers know exactly how to store, organize, and structure data properly. More so, they should understand algorithms and how to implement them into custom software development platforms. This enables them to utilize stored data, enforce troubleshooting policies, and consume less storage space. Surely, Israeli companies are prioritizing data structure and algorithm expertise in software development applicants.

Cloud Computing 

When hiring developers, Israeli institutions also want someone with cloud computing skills. Many industries throughout Israel, including Israel’s Ministry of Defense (MoD), are shifting towards the cloud. After all, the cloud provides a cost-effective infrastructure, increased scalability and stronger flexibility. As a result, businesses are looking for applicants who have hands-on experience with the top cloud architecture, computing, and development platforms. Having experience with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform will certainly give applicants an upper hand in the job market. Surely, Israeli companies are prioritizing cloud computing skills in software development applicants.

Software Distribution Capabilities 

Additionally, many Israeli companies are looking for team members with software distribution expertise, skills, and capabilities. Businesses are prioritizing applicants that know how to work with the latest tools, resources, and technologies for successful distribution. Using solutions from JFrog, developers can accelerate application releases with rapid, secure, and trusted software distribution processes. From here, engineers can accelerate concurrent downloads and deployments at scale. More so, developers can share images, software and updates across almost any large-scale, hybrid infrastructure. Of course, this is crucial to promote immutable delivery, trusted release bundles, and resilient network acceleration. Certainly, Israeli businesses are prioritizing job applicants with reliable software distribution capabilities.

Software Testing

Furthermore, Israeli companies prioritize software testing skills in software development applicants. Software testing and debugging takes up a major portion of the overall development process. Employers want a developer who can implement automated software testing and debugging processes to simplify processes. Many employers also require their team to have manual testing skills and experience. Of course, this will showcase their knowledge of construction and environment configuration. More so, companies want to employ engineers that can locate, address and fix software bugs throughout the development life cycle. Certainly, Israeli companies prefer software development applicants to have software testing skills. 

Israeli companies are looking for several new skills in software development applicants. To land high-paying jobs, applicants should have established coding language skills. Companies are also prioritizing candidates with software distribution knowledge and expertise. Of course, it is also crucial to possess some data structure and algorithm abilities. Additionally, employers prefer applicants that know how to increase scalability and enhance flexibility with cloud computing. After all, the cloud is here to stay. Furthermore, many companies want to hire a developer with efficient software testing skills. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the skills Israeli companies are prioritizing in software development applicants.

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Annabel Monaghan is the COO of Yellowhead Media. As a former data scientist, Annabel has a vested interested in Israel's startup ecosystem and aims to share her insights learnt from expanding a business into Israel.
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