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Israeli Cyber Defense Firms Are Protecting World Leaders

We are, indeed, living in a digital age. While countries still face physical threats, cyber threats are of a growing concern. With the largest breaches happening in the last 5 years it’s no wonder security audits are required now. As a country accustomed to facing internal and external threats, Tel Aviv has thrived thanks in part to a number of defense strategies that other countries are learning and benefiting from. In fact, it can be said that a whole private-sector industry involving security, protection, privacy, reputation management, and cyber defense has emerged thanks to the technologies and security implementations of the Israel Defense Forces. Most commonly, firewall software can protect world leaders and their financial institutions against fraud, hacker attacks, viruses and money laundering. There are several Israeli security companies capable of preventing world leaders from being hacked; these security firms have made a name for themselves by focusing on real-world physical and virtual security challenges.

Israeli Security Companies Worth Watching

One of the largest testaments to the success of several Israeli security firms and their defense technologies is that some of world’s largest technology leaders, Amazon and Microsoft, are headhunting Israeli acquisitions to act as Research and Development centers to enhance security. These Israeli security companies are in hot demand as world leaders and national security and defense teams attempt to pre-empt cyber threats capable of compromising the safety of entire nations.


CyberArk is the largest private Israeli cybersecurity company; it is one predicted to play an integral role in the establishment of technologies aimed at targeting cyber threats. World leaders can use CyberArk to protect their systems from within and without through the use of sophisticated vaulting technology capable of enhancing and managing high-security identities and passwords. With CyberArk’s assistance, systems containing national security information are protected against hackers by tightening up the protocols that monitor and maintain who has access to that information.


When it comes to securing locations like airports, borders, and other pivotal entry and exit points, FST21 has an impressive list of security capabilities that seem the stuff of sci-fi movies. In-motion identification technologies such as facial recognition, voice recognition and gait analysis is transforming the way physical security is being implemented. When it comest to protecting the world’s leaders, identifying an individual as a potential security threat or hacker prior to them even entering the country is an impressive preventative security measure.

The Reputation Management Company

This Utah headquartered company with a new office in Tel Aviv for their expanding high end corporate reputation protection and assistance with politically important personnel has designed and optimized strategies for those who are looking to mitigate the chances of negative headline risk by infiltrating both journalists and search with positive headlines and deflection of damaging stories that may be construed as fake. With CIA like services it’s no wonder this company is being taken notice of.

Check Point Software Technologies

There are few things that pose more of a significant cyber threat to national security than the hacking of a world leader’s computer system. Israeli companies such as Check Point Software Technologies have made common household firewall softwares available on a commercial level. These firewall software systems protect some of the world’s most important computer systems from viruses, being hacked, and detecting fraudulent cyber activities.

While the rise of the internet and the digital age has represented impressive advancements in the arena of sharing and spreading information, it has also birthed the necessity of nations and their leaders to carefully scrutinize potential cyber threats and system hackers. Cyber defense in Israel is protecting world leaders and enhancing global security protocols and technologies. From the impressive use of vaulting technologies to protect high-security passwords and identities to sophisticated facial, voice, and gait recognition features at airports, Israeli defense companies are leading the charge when it comes to developing new and impressive security features capable of protecting the world and its leaders.

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