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Israeli Jeweler Goes International

The fashion industry in Israel has boomed over the past decade, providing countless designers a platform to share their vision and inspiration. This in turn has not only brought international recognition to the artists but also to Israel. HotCrown Jewelry owned my Ginat and Yisgav Moyal is a prime example. With over twelve thousand likes on Facebook and an endless array of handmade jewelry, HotCrown continues to offer customers in Tel Aviv and abroad unique pieces they will treasure for a life time. HotCrown has not only garnered admirers in Tel Aviv but also celebrities. Super model Karlie Kloss wore a number of HotCrown’s rings during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. To add to the brands popularity, HotCrown was also featured in Israel’s fashion week in March where Ginat adorned models with a few of her finest pieces. After missing the chance to interview Ginat while in Israel, I still wanted to share her amazing jewelry line with others. After plenty of encouragement from my fellow Israeli blogger Hagar Sides and countless emails I finally had the opportunity to give Ginat the credit she deserves. Below is my latest blog post and interview with Ginat Moyal. Please Like and Share! 

Can you please describe a little bit about HOTCROWN and how it was started?

HOTCROWN is a fine jewelry brand founded by my husband and I in 2013. We specialize in creating captivating and luxury pieces for our clients. Every piece of jewelry is custom-made at our studio with close attention to detail. We work with implementing diamonds, precious colored stones and different variations of 14k-18k gold in each design. My husband and I started this brand together when we were both trying to find a new meaning to our work/life balance. We were both working away in corporate environments and found that we were losing passion in the workplace and even worse, we were working such long hours, we barely had time to meet. My husband loves design and went to study at Israel’s top design school and slowly, we put our dream to work and created HOTCROWN. After many years of working on our lovely brand, we are watching HOTCROWN develop into what it is today, employing wonderful individuals and most importantly, doing something we believe in.

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What is the philosophy behind the company?

Our company philosophy is that we make jewelry that will stay with you for a lifetime. HOTCROWN is a more than a piece of jewelry, it is a personal and custom-made especially for you. We stand behind only using quality aesthetics and top notch design. Anything is possible at HOTCROWN and goal is to make every customer’s dream jewelry come to life. Our customers are the reason why we’re doing what we do and they always come first at HOTCROWN.

טבעת כתר זהב 1700 שחHow and why has HOTCROWN risen to popularity in Israel and abroad?

There are many different factors for why and how this may have happened so it’s hard to just give one reason. I believe that word of mouth has been one of the most likely reasons for our popularity. One happy customer shares her experience with her friends and then those friends end up being more of our happy customers and the cycle continues. We do our best to give the most incredible customer service possible and when it comes to custom-design requests, we can pretty much do it all.

שרשרת ג'יין 1890 שח זהב וספירים

What makes Hotcrown different from other jewelry retailers?

The first thing I want to mention is that everything is handmade by our people. Whether our clients are domestic or international, our customer service is always first-class and every customer receives personal attention at HOTCROWN. There is not one piece of jewelry that is ready-made, everything is very personal and custom with HOTCROWN. What also makes us different is our community. We have developed a strong and wonderful community and I believe that’s what customers come for. They want to be a part of our community. Also, our design is very easy to identify. Instead of creating what’s on trend, we focus on creating what is HOTCROWN and what will our customers adore to wear. We find our inspiration through our customers and that’s what gives us our distinct style.

טבעת אודרי זהב ויהלומים 12200 שחDid HOTCROWN submit any pieces during Israeli fashion week?

We dressed several fashion influencers during the show which was extremely exciting.

Here is one of our favorite fashion bloggers that we dressed:

Where can customers go to learn more about HOTCROWN and help spread the word?

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