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Israeli politicians push Facebook ad spend to 100M NIS

Photo credit unsplash (Alex Haney)

In recent months there has been an explosion of social and political content flowing through Israel’s social platforms, and Facebook is cleaning up.

In recent reports, provided by the Meta’s own Ad Library, advertisers in Israel have invested more than 109,500,000 NIS* in sponsored advertising campaigns. In short, this spending can be defined as Facebook or Instagram page managers who pay to share their content with wider audiences in a targeted manner.

The objectives of paid advertising range from building awareness to creating a digital action/conversion; signing up for an email list, purchasing an item, or offering a donation. As reported by Meta, the platform has processed and served over 320,000 ads in Israel since August 2019.

Facebook top spenders in Israel:

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu’s party, Likud: 5,088,139 NIS
  2. Benny Gantz’s party, Blue & White: 4,745,381 NIS
  3. Yair Lapid’s combined Yesh Atid and Blue & White: 6,337,822 NIS
  4. Epoch Magazine: 1,833,182 NIS
  5. Meretz Party: 1,712,599 NIS

As an estimation, if each ad were to reach an average of 80,000 people per campaign, then Meta has shown advertisers’ content to users over 25,000,000,000 times in Israel since August ’19. To assume that there are approximately 6 million potential users living in Israel would equate to each Israeli viewing promoted content over 4,100 times.

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