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Bob Ryan

Israeli Settlements

There is nothing illegal about settlements in Israel

We often hear of illegal settlements in occupied territory held by Israel. The problem with this view is it is not correct. There is nothing illegal about the settlements and Israel is not an occupying force. There are no international laws that prohibit Israel from building any settlements withing their borders.

An occupying force is one that has taken, through military means, territory belonging to another country. During most of World War I, Germany controlled most of France, but were not victorious and had to give back the land taken. The Treaty of Versailles went much further and stripped Germany of land that was a part of it prior to the war.

No one claimed anything built in lands once held by Germany to be illegal settlements of any kind. Germany lost the war and had to pay the price of losing. Their former territory was no longer theirs and had no right to demand a single piece of land back without another war to take it.

When the Mexican-American War occurred, it was a border dispute between the two countries. Mexico believed the border was further north and the United States disagreed. The United States won the war decisively and the border was settled. No one calls anything built on the Texas side of border of the two countries illegal settlements.

Israel took the land in the Six-Day War as a result of winning the war. They expanded their borders as other countries have throughout history. Through victory, they were no longer an occupying force and the land taken became part of Israel.

Those who claim the settlements are illegal have never looked at another country and leveled the same charge. To them, Israel is a Jewish country that must be destroyed at all costs. They want Israel to give up the land needed for defense, since they want a weakened Israel.

Anti-Semites complain when they are called out for what they claim as being critical of Israel. There are legitimate criticisms, such as their notorious bureaucracy, but illegal settlements that cannot legally be considered illegal is not a legitimate criticism.

All land that makes up every country in the world today used to belong to someone else. Borders change over time and flags come and go. Land is gained and lost through negotiations, purchases and wars.

To the anti-Semite, Israel is not just another country and their hatred prevents them from seeing logic. Israel is a Jewish country and must be singled out for that reason alone. They attempt to hide their hatred by parroting what others have said, but that does not mean the hatred is not there.

Anti-Semites cannot be reasoned with, since their hatred goes beyond reason. They believe they are justified in singling out Israel and must be challenged. Their lies may be parroted throughout the world, but they are still lies and the truth can never be allowed to die.

The truth is that Israel is a legitimate country and has expanded her borders through traditional means. They are free to call themselves a Jewish state, just as Islamic run countries are free to call themselves Muslim states. Israel can build settlements anywhere they wish within their country, just as any other country can and always has.

To the anti-Semites, Israel is not just one country of many. It is the only Jewish state in the world and that is one too many for those who hate Jews. They ignore Jordan’s taking of land from Israel that resulted from Israel’s War of Independence, while pointing their finger at Israel for taking the land back from Jordan after the Six-Day War.

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