Israeli Sovereignty is a key take-away for Tisha B’Av

We just experienced Tisha B’Av, the 9th of Av where we commemorate the destruction of Jewish Sovereignty in Israel. This Jewish Sovereignty, predating anything Arab or Moslem by centuries, and is an integral part of our claim of indigenous status in the Holy Land.  The destruction of our Temples and loss of Sovereignty was precipitated by an intra-Jewish struggle on how to best deal with the Roman Empire.  Zealots, who thought they knew what G-d really wanted, decided to destroy years of stored food in Jerusalem in order to create a pressured situation where Jews would have no choice but to fight the Romans. They knew what G-d really wanted and made sure everyone, in the end, would agree with them. Clearly this was, as history proves, a really stupid idea.  And yes, as our Jewish history reveals, these forces are still at play 2,000 years later.  I fast on Tisha B’Av to atone for sins committed by the extreme left and right — both are guilty of imposing unpopular and extreme views on the people of Israel.

I have not written any blogs in quite a while.  The reasons are many but mostly connected to writer’s “fatigue”.  However, recent events involving unconscionable assaults on Jewish Sovereignty by European Governments, the EU and the U.S. Administration, requires us to think strategically about Israeli responsibility to our citizen to honor Israeli Sovereignty — laws, culture and policing — and to consider these issues from all directions.

Women in Green, an organization I recommend supporting without hesitation (please reply to me if you want more information on this organization), just published and distributed over 200,000 copies of their most recent Soverienty magazine throughout Israel.  Whether you are a “two stater” or not, this magazine is a must-read for anyone concerned about Israel and how it needs to address Sovereignty.   The magazine: Sovereignty Magazine

I also want to suggest reading Mordechai Kedar’s recent article on El Aksa, El Aksa – M Kedar, not just because historical context is important to understanding Arab deceit in this regard, but to highlight the danger of taking Arab and Palestinian arguments at face value.

Finally,  one cannot consider themselves well-informed unless one reads the articles of Kahled Abu Toameh Kahled Abu Toameh is an accomplished journalist as well as Muslim-Arab Israeli Citizen who speak truth-to-power as to the reality of Arab society and the issues they face.  One cannot even begin to understand the challenges Israel faces without reading his insightful articles on how the “other side” really behaves.  You will see a catalogue of his articles if you follow this link to Gatestone.

I am very proud to be a supporter of Women in Green and their thoughtful approach to promoting Israeli Sovereignty.  We should not fear the Europeans in this regard since everything Israel believes and supports is quite the opposite of the EU.  Think about it — we proud of our national heritage — of being Israeli, we believe in strong borders and protecting our people.  Europe, post WW II trauma appeals to the opposite — no nationalism, no borders, no protection.  And here is Europe in an Islamic terror crisis of untold proportions, countries are asserting their national claims — take Brexit as the latest manifestation, and Europeans are having so few babies they cannot replace themselves. Sovereignty works.

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Sam Solomon is a successful entrepreneur and business executive with experience in the legal, financial and information technology industries. He has been a jury consultant commentator on U.S. television and has rabbinic ordination.
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