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Israeli Women among Cyber Soldiers

As of August 2018, only the tenth part of workplaces involved with cybersecurity falls to the share of women in Israel. To grade the gender gap in the sphere of cybersecurity, Tali Ben-Aroya has found an educational program referred to as CyberGirlz.

Even since Israeli girls are at school, this program prepares them to work in the sphere of cybersecurity.

CyberGirlz was created under the program of the Rashi Foundation which aims at the promotion of equitable opportunities in business circles. CyberGirz organizes summer camps for the hundreds of youngsters with the purpose to teach young ladies and as a result, find the best ones for IT sphere and cyber forces.

The Israeli girls are not prone to dig in STEM disciplines as they are convinced they will bring home the groceries in IT or cybersecurity.

In this regard, Ben-Aroya points out that CyberGirlz not only helps girls to gain knowledge but informs them about the possible prospects.

The global studies conducted in 2017 showed that only 11% of Israeli women are engaged in this field whereas there are over 300 thousand vacant places in the USA.

A top expert of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Marian Merritt says that young ladies with adequate preparation might count on a well-paid job.

Despite the fact that Israel is in top 5 advanced countries in terms of cyber crime statistics , its biggest cybersecurity company, Israel Aerospace Industries, has a great deal of difficulty in search of the skilled staff.

Camila Edry, a director of a cybersecurity subdivision at Israel Aerospace Industries, points out that the shortage of staff is a common problem all around the world. The personnel gap influences many spheres negatively. Healthcare Service is not an exception. Thus, sensitive data of patients undergo leakage very often these days.

Not only the Rashi Foundation is in an effort to change the situation but Triventures (Israeli venture capital fund) as well. The founder of Triventures Michel Geva states that the company is wax enthusiastic in improving cybersecurity in the country and therefore is ready to become a sponsor for the projects that would solve the problem the personnel gap in this sector.

Experts believe that the programs like CyberGirlz will help to turn this around.

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