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Israel’s 123rd Day of War

 On the 123rd day of war in Israel the IDF claims that half of Hamas’s troops have either been killed or wounded and that Israel is close to full control over all of Gaza. On the hostage front, a senior Hamas spokesperson denies that Hamas has rejected the Qatari/Egyptian proposal which has been accepted in principle by Israel. The spokesperson said that Hamas wants to make changes to the current proposal, is requesting the release of a larger number of security prisoners from Israeli jails as well as the full withdrawal of all Israeli troops from Gaza. Israel’s war cabinet has said that it is not prepared to accept those changes as requested. So….. negotiations continue.

A drone strike on Monday near a US base in Syria killed six members of the Syrian Democratic Forces, a US-allied Kurdish militia, despite the US pounding Iran-allied militia sites with airstrikes over the weekend. The Islamic Resistance in Iraq, an umbrella of Iran-backed armed groups, claimed responsibility for the attack. The US on Monday launched a strike against two Houthi drone boats carrying explosives in Yemen. “The United States will continue working with regional partners to address threats to US forces in Iraq and Syria, as well as Houthi threats to freedom of navigation in the Red Sea,” Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Monday.

Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded in a rocket attack from Lebanon near the northern community of Margaliot on Tuesday. The IDF shelled the launch sites and carried out additional airstrikes against Hezbollah targets.

Palestinian Gunmen Open Fire from West Bank at Israeli Kibbutz – Emanuel Fabian.
Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank opened fire at nearby Kibbutz Meirav on the slopes of Mount Gilboa in Israel on Tuesday. There were no injuries, but damage was caused to a home.

 Future Leadership

Oftentimes one comes across a person that is so accomplished, one does not need a long biography to substantiate the accolades. Gidi Grinstein is ones such person.

Gidi is an Israeli societal entrepreneur, leader, and author. He founded the Reut Institute, Israel’s most cutting-edge nonprofit strategy, development, and leadership group. Within Reut, Grinstein led TOM, a bold global social project with the goal of helping 250 million people within a decade through global open innovation using 3D printing.

Grinstein is the author of Flexigidity: The Secret of Jewish Adaptability, which offers a unique systemic view of the Jewish People and underlies his extensive work on Israel-World Jewry relations. He previously served as the Secretary of the Israeli delegation for the Camp David Summit and led the Israeli team that designed Birthright Israel.

He has talent that Israel will need as it rebuilds itself after the current war with Hamas comes to a close, which it surely will.

I close today with an appeal to watch this 12-minute video which totally encapsulates the spirit of Israel and which will make you immensely proud.

In a way what you will see it Israel’s secret sauce.

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