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Israel’s Allies Must Speak Out

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It seems like the world has turned on Israel, but they are truly not alone, and good people from around the world stand with Israel despite the actions and rhetoric of the vile extremists that support terrorism.

Israel’s allies rely on her to fight terror while they keep a “good face” on relations with the Arab community at large. But quiet support is no longer enough. Those who oppose terror must be bold.

The Culminating Attack of October 7

Since the establishment of Israel by vote of the United Nations General Assembly in 1947 and the declaration of Ben Gurion in 1948, Israel’s radical Muslim neighbors have refused to recognize Israel and have sought its destruction with at least eight subsequent wars.

Moreover, despite Israel’s repeated offers of peace and even their unilateral disengagement from Gaza in 2005, the Palestinians have rejected peace, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad have spent the last almost 20 years attacking Israel from Gaza with missiles, terror tunnels, infiltrations, abductions, incendiary balloons, and more.

This culminated with the vile terrorist attack by Hamas on sovereign Israel that murdered 1,200 and took over 250 hostages on October 7.

Firsthand Experience of the U.S. and Europe

The U.S. and Europe have had their own deadly experiences with radical Islam, including the Iran hostage crisis in 1979 and the 9/11 Al Qaeda terror attack on the U.S. that murdered almost 3,000, as well as terror attacks across Europe, from the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 to the Madrid train bombings in 2004 and the Paris attacks in 2015. 

In an effort to vanquish it, the U.S. and its allies went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly 20 years, defeated ISIS in Syria and Iraq in 2017, fought counter-terrorism operations around the Horn of Africa and throughout the Middle East, and applied sanctions and operations against nuclear weapons production by Iran. Moreover, covert and overt action against terrorism continues unabated for the foreseeable future.

However, many Muslims, even allies, have been largely silent, and that empowers the terrorists.

A World Wholly Askew by Terrorists’ Narrative

Unfortunately, we’ve seen the outspoken extremists in the world (and those cowering from them) react not in support of the October 7 victim, Israel, but rather to buttress the evil Hamas terrorists that started the war. This has included the following:

  • UNRWA personnel participated in the October 7 massacre, and their facilities were used to hide terrorists, their weapons, and their infrastructure.
  • The United Nations failed to condemn the terror attack in Israel, and moreover, it has put Israel on its blacklist for killing and maiming children in the war that has ensued.
  • Women’s rights groups failed to acknowledge that rape was used as a weapon, with some even chanting that “rape is resistance!”
  • Pro-Hamas terrorist supporters have rallied more or less non-stop on our campuses, in our cities, and around the world against Israel, whose destruction they demand, and against “Zionists” (i.e., Jews), who they want to murder.
  • University leaders have repeatedly failed to condemn calls for genocide against Jews with cries of “from the river to the sea” and the burning of Israeli (and American) flags.
  • Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, terrorist proxies from Iraq, and the Islamic Republic of Iran have been attacking Israel from the North, East, and South virtually non-stop, and this has included attempting to close the Red Sea for shipping to Israel and Iran’s barrage of over 300 ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and drones on April 13.
  • Norway, Ireland, and Spain have come out rewarding terrorism and recognizing a Palestinian state without negotiations with Israel.
  • The United States and Europe have sanctioned Israeli settler groups and/or individuals for violence against Palestinians and have withheld shipments of weapons to Israel.
  • At least eleven countries have recalled their ambassadors or severed ties with Israel altogether, including Jordan, Bahrain, Turkey, Bolivia, Honduras, Chile, Belize, Brazil, South Africa, and Chad.
  • South Africa has insanely brought a case of “genocide” against Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICJ), and the International Criminal Court (ICC) has threatened to issue arrest warrants for Israeli leaders for war crimes and “crimes against humanity.”
  • U.S. anti-Semitism has risen by 360% in the aftermath of the terror attack on Israel.

Wokewashing the Palestinian Conflict

There are many reasons for the pretense of support for the terrorists.

  • Firstly, of course, is the immense power of the majority Muslim nations that feel that they need to outwardly support their Palestinian “brothers” and use their overwhelming numbers of U.N. member states, their huge strategic territory that extends from Morocco to Indonesia, as well as their vast oil wealth.
  • Secondly, radical Muslims (like in Iran and Qatar) are funding the indoctrination of wokeism along with Progressive support for those they deem “oppressed,” such as the Palestinians, against the Jews, whom they consider the pinnacle of the “White Oppressors.” This is despite more than half the Jews in Israel being of non-European descent and the Jewish people having suffered the worst genocide known to mankind of six million men, women, and children in the Holocaust not even 80 years ago.
  • Thirdly, and all the more incredible here, is that while the Palestinians would like to make themselves into the “weakling” David against the Israel Goliath “occupation,”  the truth is that Israel, exactly as portrayed in the Bible, is the true David against the Philistine Goliath. Despite the tall tales that Hamas and their supporters try to spin, Israel is the one Jewish state of just 8,600 square miles amidst tens of Arab League nations that span 5 million square miles, and the Jewish people are just 15 million people living in a world of 1.5 billion Muslims.

Good People Around the World Support Israel

Ostensibly, the world has turned upside down, with radical Islamists leading the discourse in favor of terrorism, the genocide of Jews, a caliphate, and the imposition of Sharia law on the region and, if possible, the world.

However, what many don’t seem to understand or want to acknowledge is that the good, decent people out there (including many Muslims) are the “silent majority” that does and always will support Israel as well as their own prosperity and well-being.

Just some examples:

  • Israel is an innovative and technological powerhouse, and people around the world are investing in and flocking to it.
  • Muslims serve in both Israel’s Knesset and even in their armed forces.
  • Moderate Arab neighbors are normalizing relations with Israel (e.g., the Abrahamic Accords and possibly even peace with Saudi Arabia are on the horizon) as they seek a better life for their people and all in the region.
  • Numerous countries (including Jordan) came to the defense of Israel with both intelligence and defense against missiles and drones in Iran’s April barrage on Israel.

Winning a War of Biblical Proportions

Thus, despite the radical Jihadi mobs taking over the streets, burning our flags, graffitiing our monuments, intimidating and harassing people, and attempting to move the world towards the destruction of democratic Israel to be followed by the overthrow of the rest of Western civilization, which they variously call “imperialism,” “colonialism,” and America, the “Great Satan,” good people around the world are watching with deep concern and disdain for their evil behavior and intent, and they will oppose them!

In that vein, even if it looks superficially on the outside that Israel stands alone, we know from our friends and allies around the world that they do support us every day and that there is immense hope for the future if they speak out and act for Israel.

Make no mistake, this is a war of biblical proportions of good over evil, and rest assured that with G-d’s help and all His soldiers for good, spreading light, truth, and peace around the world, we will absolutely prevail over the radical terrorist’s agenda that occupies our university campuses and city streets. 

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Andy Blumenthal is a dynamic, award-winning leader who writes frequently about Jewish life, culture, and security. All opinions are his own.
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