Israel’s Dental Tourism Industry Is on the Rise

Dentistry and vacations may seem like two completely different terms that are unrelated, but that is not the case in Isreal. “Medical tourists” account for as much as 1% of the approximate 3.45 million foreigners visiting Israel annually. Unfortunately, there are no available statistics specifically for just the dental tourists. “Dental tourists” are individuals who have planned a vacation around their need for dental related work. This number has doubled since 2006, as the economic downturn during that period has spurred growth in medical tourism worldwide. Ever since 2012, Israel’s dental tourism industry has been growing tremendously primarily because dental treatment in Israel remains much cheaper than in many parts of Western Europe, Canada, and America. Since tourism is one of Israel’s largest industries, this is an excellent benefit to Israelis, as long as their dental prices do not start rising for their treatments.

International tourists are finding Israeli dentists to be as good as their dentists back at home, and a lot cheaper too. People all over the world want to travel to Israel for a vacation and also want to take advantage of the Israeli dental industry’s price difference because dentistry here is considered very advanced according to Western standards. It is essential to remember that high-quality dental care is never cheap, but prices in Israel are considerably lower than those found elsewhere. However, by combining your vacation to Israel with lower priced quality dental care, tourists can save a lot of money.

Clients generally want treatment in their language, and this has led to dental clinics is Israel speaking English, French, and Russian with their clients. Dental tourists can save as much as 60 % off the cost of their dental implants, but the catch is that if the work is complicated, it will require more than one visit to the dental clinic. However, if the tourist is planning on visiting Israel several times to meet with relatives then things can work out very smoothly. Israeli dental clinics that tailor their services for dental tourists use refined methods to ensure their work is completed quickly and efficiently. They often have an emergency dental clinic to ensure they can meet the needs of their dental clients with very short notice. All of these features add to the allure of Israel’s dental industry.

When deciding upon which dentist you want to work with, it can be best to ask for the advice of family and friends. You should also ensure your prospective dentist has trained in a quality dental school. You should also make sure you are not rushed into making decisions by the dentist or by their dental team. It is essential that you can make an informed decision instead of making a rash decision.

All in all, Israelis and tourists both stand to gain from Israel’s open and diverse dental industry, and this trend is only expected to grow in the years to come.

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