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Israels Future: When Tomorrow Begins

As Israel experienced the most heinous crime committed towards Jews since the Holocaust, it comes as no surprise that many Israelis are feeling the strain of the ongoing conflict.

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are drafted, the dead are still being counted, kidnapped are still being held in Gaza and soldiers are dying.

On top of that, more videos are being released of what occurred on the 7th, videos so inhumane that they can’t be shown on social media, even blurred.

How is the world reacting? It’s condemning Israel for clearing out Hamas terrorists from Gaza, accusing Israel for the rising death tool of women and children. The same women and children Hamas is holding hostage, and killing, to continue to send rockets towards Israel.

Massive waves of anti-semitism follows. Jewish homes are being marked, Jews are being targeted and killed.

As we’re witnessing pre-Holocaust rhetorics and pogroms, Jews in the diaspora are again finding themselves in tandem, asking themselves if they really are safe being outside of Israel.

This war has already changed the world, especially in Israel. The general consensus towards a two-state solution is virtually depleted, on both the left and the right, begging the question: What will Israel be after the war?

Even though this is truly a unique event, it carries many similarities to previous historical occurrences that changed Israels trajectory, forcing it to adapt.

I believe that by reviewing Israels history the last century, we will be able to deduce the most likely outcomes of the war.

As the proverb says: ‘There is nothing new under the sun’.

A Global Aliyah

The idea of fleeing antisemitism isn’t new to the Jewish people.

From my great-grandfather to my children, my family has lived in 5 nations for five generations, finally going up to Israel, to return to our ancient homeland, where my children were born.

The last four weeks have flooded the news with anti-semitic incidents worldwide, from US university campus attacks, to full blown Jew-hunts by stampeding mobs in Dagestan. Jewish homes have been marked and Jews have been murdered, and as the death tool in Gaza continues to rise, this is only due to continue.

This has happened countless times before. One instance of anti-Jewish pogroms occurred in Russia in the early 20th century.

Frustration among the Russian population was flamed and directed against Jews through propaganda. Jews were blamed for the poor living situation, playing into old anti-semitic lores. They were economically discriminated. Shops were marked and even attacked, while Russians openly denied Jews services or trade.

Political unrest was common, and Jews were often used as the scapegoat. They were even blamed for being behind revolutionary movements.

As anti-Jewish violence grew, Jews were expelled, even from major cities like Moscow, and larger communities even banded together to participate in pogroms to cause as much havoc as possible, all the while police and local security looked the other way instead of intervening.

Aren’t most, if not all of these phenomenas prevalent in first world countries today in the last four weeks? They are. The conflict in Gaza and the Palestinians suffering under Hamas rule is again the scapegoat to dehumanize Jews worldwide to reignite pogroms once more.

Where can Jews go? Israel. Only Israel.

Israel has already experienced massive waves of ‘Aliyah’, from post-Holocaust, to the establishment of the state of Israel. The Arab states expel their Jews, Russia persecuted theirs, bringing a million to Israel. War in Africa brought the Ethiopian Aliyah, and the French and Ukrainian Aliyah occurred due to war and antisemitism.

I believe that Israel has to make major changes to its internal policies to contain the coming massive influx of Jews. Housing in Israel is a major obstacle, and the government must release land for cultivating on a scale that would resemble the early Zionist movement. if Israel should have any chances of containing the mass amounts of immigrants who are bound to arrive, we need the ability to expand.

Redrawn borders

Israels borders were drawn through war, and as we again stand against enemies on every boarder, Israel will again be forced to redraw its borders to ensure its security.

Its interesting to note that the prophets speak about Israel returning to its fullness before the coming of the Messiah, and if you compare modern Israel to biblical Israel, you will note that the ancient borders far outstretch what was previously considered the kingdom of Israel and Judah, and the promised land given to Abraham.

Just like in 1948 and 1967, conflict will breed change. It will be costly, but Israel is far more equipped than its terrorist counterparts to handle an ongoing conflict.

Our biggest hinderance for the last 20 years has been that Israel has been too considerate with its public image, and not its peoples security. I believe, and hope, that it will change. That Israel will again be a nation primarily concerned for its citizens, who, unlike Europe, doesn’t bend the knee to those who abuse democracy and infuse hatred through the mask of public discourse.

An independent state

Only weeks after the Oct 7th tragedy, we saw public opinion shift from a momentary sympathy with the Jewish people, to a violent siding with antisemitic agendas, who sacrifice Palestinian civilians to weaken support for Israel.

The Palestinian narrative works. No matter how many Palestinian civilians Hamas kills, and no matter how many civilians Israel spares, the narrative doesn’t change.

The Palestinian narrative, the lie, will be Israels downfall, until we stop laying our bare necks on the guillotine to gain public approval from those who work for our demise and those who condone it.

When that day comes, Israel will loose its allies, and will find itself without trade and commerce partners, leaving us to fend for ourselves. While Israel is independent in several fields, we also lack in many, forcing us to find alternative solutions to maintain our modern infrastructure.

The early Zionist movement had an expression – ‘avoda Ivrit’. It meant ‘Hebrew work’, and it comes from a time where the only products and services used in Israel were from Jews, endorsed by the then current ideological movement.

As Israel will stand alone, so Israel must rise to endure standing without allies. Our last decades of innovation, overcoming obstacles despite enemies on every border and previous trauma, has prepared us for such a time as this.

Again, major changes in Israels government policy on production and manufacturing, not to mention the crucial release of land for public purposes, need to occur and soon, to allow for innovators and businesses to blossom to prepare for the coming obstacles on our path to an independent nation.

Where do we begin?

We are battling an ancient enemy, the hate towards Gods chosen people, and it is my conviction that if people will not stand with Israel after October 7th, when the Holocaust repeated itself for a day, then they never will.

As Israel continues its war of survival on several fronts, I want to encourage every Jew in the diaspora as well as everyone who stands will Israel, to seriously consider the growing likelihood that Israel has no other safe haven than Israel.

Jews, come home, and build a new Israel.

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