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Israel’s Rising Star in Hollywood

How do you go from a rising star to a superstar in Hollywood? Publicity.

All eyes will be on Israel’s film and television industry this month with an editorial spotlight on Israeli TV in Variety Magazine, and a Liberate Art hosted online virtual event featuring Israel’s most exciting filmmakers and artist community.

I am so pleased to have worked as the Hollywood liaison behind Variety’s special editorial which digs deep into what makes this country’s programs so identifiable as Israeli and yet so universally appealing.

Building on this initiative, Liberate Art is hosting an online event, “Hollywood Spotlight on Israel,” which provides a glimpse into the international powerhouse that is Israeli’s artistic community, behind the scenes commentary from the entertainment community, clips from internationally lauded Israeli films and much more.


The online event will run through the end of November.

Noa Tishby, the Israeli actress/writer/producer who made history with the sale of the Israeli series In Treatment to HBO, spoke at a recent LA premiere and noted, “In 2008, nobody in Hollywood was interested, but today Israel is an intense breeding ground for television programming.”

But you can’t feast at a table that hasn’t been set. Tishby credits Danny Sussman of Brillstein Entertainment Partners as one of Israel’s premier champions in tinsel town.

Brillstein had a hunch that American audiences would respond to Israeli programming, “Both America and Israel are multicultural democracies. Everyone brought their food, the cultural and the stories. Everyone comes from somewhere else, and they all throw in.”

According to this top artist manager, “What distinguishes Israeli TV, and Israelis, is a sense of intimacy. Israel is a neighborhood.”

Today, global TV audiences are dining on Israeli creativity, but they need to know it.

If you support Israeli artists, come and join this virtual event by clicking GOING, and engage! That’s all there is to it. 


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LANA MELMAN is an attorney, a 20-year entertainment industry veteran, and the CEO of Liberate Art Inc. She has been a leading expert fighting the cultural boycott campaign against Israel since 2011. Her new book, ARTISTS UNDER FIRE: The BDS War Against Celebrities, Jews, and Israel puts BDS on trial and tells the stories of artists and entertainers caught in its crossfire. Melman is a columnist and a Nellie Bly Prize Blue Ribbon Winner for Nonfiction Journalism. She served as the premier director of Creative Community for Peace (CCFP), an entertainment based non-profit. She has worked with the representatives of almost 1000 artists targeted by BDS. Lana Melman’s previous career included serving in both business and creative capacities at CBS, Columbia Pictures TV, Warner Bros., and Paramount. Contact and learn more at
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