Israel’s Security Working on ‘Collective Defense’ to Keep Israelis Safe

Israeli security is keeping Israel safe, with many attacks being thwarted. Israel Security Agency Shin Bet claims that so far in 2018, the agency has been able to stop more one attack per day, or about 250 major terror attacks through mid-June 2018.

Attacks are all around us, and many Israelis, myself included, don’t realize how often attacks are planned and almost carried out.

The attacks often include kidnappings, suicide bombings and shootings. Single attacks, by a single person, have started to rise. Israel is facing a rising concern that has been present in the United States for decades: imitation.

Taking a look at the attacks in the States, one only needs to look at the recent string of school shootings happening. There was more than one shooting per week to start off the first 21 weeks of the year. Israel is starting to see the same trend, with many potential terrorists imitating others.

Social media has helped spread the extremist message and has led to discussions that incite anger and the potential of a terrorist attack.

Israeli police often offer close protection to officials, but now the police force is sharing information and experience with ministers at the first International Homeland Security Forum.

Officials are working to understand the extent of global threats in other countries around the world. Sharing intelligence allows officials to prevent terrorist attacks from occurring.

Israel has had its fair share of attacks in recent years, yet officials at the Forum all have the same message: the need to improve and prevent threats from becoming a reality.

Israel has been quick to punish “lone wolf” attacks. The strategy to punish and handle these attacks has led to the number of attacks decreasing in Israel over the last year. Security personnel have worked on ways to prevent attacks, with strategies in place that have proven to be effective.

Ministers from around 20 countries attended the forum, including ministers from Africa, North and South America and Europe.

Security officials claim that in 2015, a year when hundreds of attacks riddled Israel, a major campaign online was taking place as well as real world incitement. Advanced web-intelligence tools and a variety of tools have been employed to help security personnel recognize and stop potential terrorist attacks.

Officials plan to work together with other countries, using cross borders to help strengthen the security in Israel and around the world.

Countries can learn a lot from these agreements, working together to offer a “collective defense” against the threat of terrorism.

Sharing information among our allies can help strengthen security as a whole. The use of information must not contain private, identifiable information, but it can provide information that will allow terrorists to be stopped at Israel’s borders.

Israel, and the ministers at the forum, aim to work together to keep potential terrorists from crossing borders where they can then carry out their attacks.

The collective defense system is a step in the right direction for Israeli defense and offers the potential of saving thousands of lives annually.


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