It is Ayn Al-Kurd, not Ayn Al-Arab

Since a few days ago the attacks on Kobane reached the highest in the past few months. ISIS began vast attacks against this Kurdish city in western Kurdistan. Thousands of Kurds have been forced to leave their homes and seek safer life elsewhere. Kurdish fighters fighting ISIS with light and semi-heavy weapons while the terrorists have humvees and artilleries plundered from Mosul.

The outdated Syrian regime called Kobane always Ayn Al-Arab that means the eye of Arabs, as a part of Arabization process in western Kurdistan. Nonetheless, even now the Arabic media outlets calling Kobane with the same name assigned by a regime which has done warcrimes and slaughtered thousands of civilians.

Obviously all the outlets are aware of the Kurdish name and identity of the region but the point is to cover Kurdistan as long as possible by Arabic name. Always when it comes to the independency or defending the Kurdish identity, the occupiers are ready to unite against the will of Kurdish nation.

While Kurdish fighters with no support from any Arab state keep the hands of ISIS off from Kobane then why should it be still called the eye of Arabs? For sure the Kurds fighting to protect the eye of Kurds not any other nations at the moment.

If there will be any international military support to protect Kobane and Arabic media outlets still keep calling it Ayn Al-Arab of Syria, that somehow means international community supports Assad’s regime to fight ISIS which is falsification of the truth. Any probable military support from outside will be only because of Kobane and the Kurds, as if Kobane falls the peaceful region in Middle-East will be smaller and terrorist state will be extended. So, it is better to stop calling this city Ayn Al-Arab and only use the original name which is Kobane.

About the Author
Ramyar Hassani is a human rights observer and journalist covering the Kurdish struggle from the field and office. He was born in Sanandaj (Sine in Kurdish), in Eastern Kurdistan, the part of Kurdistan that has been attached to Iran.
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