It isn’t enough

It isn’t enough that Hamas breached your borders, brutalized your babies, and burned your brothers.

It isn’t enough that Hamas mauled and mutilated and stabbed and slaughtered your sisters.

It isn’t enough that Gazans glorified the gore and beamed at the butchery.

It isn’t enough that UN feminists disserted raped women to protect the rapists.

It isn’t enough that the media took minutes to spread Hamas’ lies, yet needed months to verify piles of evidence showing the mutilation of Israeli women by their Palestinian torturers.

It isn’t enough that media skepticism doesn’t extend to Hamas’ wildly implausible casualty figures – fact checking might discredit “the narrative.”

It isn’t enough that your children have left their children to face an enemy sworn to obliterate you from the face of the earth.

It isn’t enough that your dear ones must enter boobytrapped battlefields constructed in homes and mosques, never knowing where evil will rise up from vast subterranean hell holes.

It isn’t enough that the world screams “genocide” at you while it shrugs when Hamas turns its weapons on their own people or when they grab children as they plant IEDs because they know that Israelis won’t shoot.

It isn’t enough that Hamas, despite their widely accepted skill in identifying their dead, do not provide proof of life of your stolen loved ones, and “humanitarian” organizations don’t give a damn.

It isn’t enough that your days and nights are haunted by images of the horrors that the 136 remaining hostages are enduring.

It isn’t enough that you are mourning your dead, tending your wounded, and still reeling from the depravity of Oct. 7th.

It isn’t enough that Hezbollah rockets rain down daily and that tens of thousands of you are displaced from your homes.

All of these things aren’t enough for some American rabbis who add to the pile-on. Your army and your government are making life hard for them. Dinner parties are awkward. The guests demand a permanent ceasefire. Hostages you say? Oh yes, them too. A two-state solution is obvious. Can’t you just get on with it? Don’t worry that Hamas’ goal is to eliminate the Jewish state. Suck it up! The social discomfort you are causing these American rabbis is just too much!

About the Author
Lynn C. Koss is a speech-language pathologist in central New York.
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