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It Sounds Like Fiction, but Israel’s Sabra is a Real-Life Intelligence Innovator

At any given moment, individuals or entities in countries throughout the world will be faced with a dire situation requiring a strategic skill set, particularly top-level intelligence capabilities.

Although this has been the storyline for countless novels and films, in real life, there is no option of counting on a suave super spy to set matters straight. But for those facing industrial espionage, blackmail, security breaches, cyber attacks or countless other threats, an innovative Israeli company, Sabra Intelligence Solutions, exists to save the day.

Boldness and Ingenuity

Much like the State of Israel, Sabra is defined by boldness and ingenuity. Says company founder and CEO ‘E’ (for security reasons he does not want his name revealed), “We are committed to devising outside-the-box solutions.”

As a veteran of the IDF paratroopers, Israel Police and Shabak (Israel Security Agency), ‘E’ gained extensive knowledge in intelligence-gathering and combat capabilities. “I knew how to solve problems, stage operations and provide evidence.”

And so, in 2016, Sabra was born. “The easiest part,” ‘E’ recalls, “was gathering a team. All my friends served in intelligence. The most complicated aspect was how to secure clients. We had the ability to help but didn’t know how to approach them.”

He continues: “With a lot of knowledge but no clients, it was very tough, very challenging. It seemed like my partner and I were living on airplanes. Six months after we started, Sabra secured its first client – a police station in New Jersey, where we instructed local law enforcement on ways to prevent terror attacks. After that, business started to flow in by word of mouth.”

A Global Network of Clients

Today Sabra has established a global network of clients. Explains ‘E,’ “We provide our clients with game-changing intelligence by collecting information and evidence for them, analyzing it professionally and assisting them in dealing with conflicts.”

Sabra also has assets on the ground in numerous countries, both active personnel and sleeper agents. “We work only with our own people. In our world, a small mistake can cost thousands of dollars. Our assets provide intelligence, as well as on-the-ground assistance, such as securing offices for operations.”

Sabra currently employs 14 people, and, notes ‘E,’ every member of the team has been trained in combat and intelligence units, with extensive operational experience. Although headquartered in Haifa, Sabra rents offices for specific projects because, says ‘E,’ we don’t want staff members working on one project to know about other operations underway.”

Multi-Faceted and Complex

Sabra conducts multi-faceted, complex operations, including human intelligence; surveillance (both operational and detection); uncovering negative campaigns; cyber security; information-gathering; and litigation.

The company also has a training academy that provides instruction to governments and private entities in numerous tactics and strategies, including a 12-week course in establishing underground surveillance units, which ‘E’ describes as “very complicated. We demonstrate how to create these kinds of units and how to recruit and run agents.”

Additionally, Sabra provides instruction to Jewish communities/non-profits, teaching them how to provide security for buildings and “how to react properly in a crisis situation.”

Whether potential clients reach out to Sabra via its website or through referrals, securing the company’s services is not something agreed upon in a day. “First,” says ‘E,’ “we ask them to describe their problem. With just a few words we can assess whether or not we can help them.”

Furthermore, says ‘E,’ “Some seeking our services don’t want to put anything in writing, because it’s classified. In that case, two people – a project manager and an analyst – will sit with the prospective client. After that, we send a team of 2-3 people to conduct interviews that can take anywhere from three days to a week to fully understand the problem. “

He underscores, “We want to know everything. We don’t want to be on the wrong side of the story – we want to make sure we are on the right side. Most individuals and entities reaching out to us realize the reasons for this. Every detail, every document is analyzed. The process takes around a month or more and, when we are satisfied, we offer our services.”

‘E’ shares that Sabra has had “some strange requests. One person asked us to get rid of his partner. Some individuals think we are killing people. There is no way,” he declares. “It’s no-go. In another case, a repeat client asked us to obtain a competing company’s algorithm. We refused.”

Strategic Abilities to Help People

‘E,’ a major in the IDF reserves, was called up in the wake of the October 7 Hamas massacre. Originally sent to the northern border, he was subsequently assigned to Gaza. Moreover, every member of Sabra’s senior team is providing troops with crucial, useful and timely intelligence as Israel fights a multi-front war against terror.

‘E’ in Gaza in early February (Courtesy Sabra Intelligence Solutions)

Reflecting on his company’s extensive capabilities, ‘E’ says, “We know that Sabra has multiple means of helping people. There are not a lot of companies that have the strategic assets we can offer our clients. Intelligence is my life and,” he emphasizes, “I love what I’m doing.”

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James S. Galfund is former National Director of Marketing & Communications for Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds.
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