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It’s ALL for a good constructive purpose

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The Talmud teaches, “All that God created in His world, not one thing was made in vain.” If God made anything without purpose for its existence, that would be a waste of energy, time, and materials. Only foolish people waste resources.

Even when it comes to things that appear insignificant, there is a reason and purpose in God’s infinite wisdom. The Talmud gives an example of someone who puts his hand in his pocket to take out three coins but ends up with only two in his hand; “This too is calculated and is not accidental.”

God made everything, as the Bible tells us, in seven days. Since nothing can create itself, and the source of everything, God, was always there to make something out of nothing, all that He made comes from Himself and remains an extension of Himself for a purely Godly purpose.

The Midrash tells us, “God desired [us] to make for Himself a dwelling place [out of] this lowly world.” When a person fulfills the desires and requests of God, he imbues his surroundings and his own life with the light and grace of Godliness. Things in a person’s life, life itself, become a partner of Godliness.

At the end of the sixth day, the Bible concludes, “Which God created, to be done.”

“To be done” is understood to mean, concluded, and completed by the human being who God had just finished making on that very same day, the sixth day.

God created the world in such a way that there are many resources and so much incalculable perfection down to the subatomic level. All that any human being can do is use and discover the resources and powers instilled by God to strengthen further what already exists and offer a minor contribution to the grander scheme.

When Adam was created and realized his unique and superior position as a human being who can think of his existence in the third person and who has free choice, qualities possessed by no other creature, he said, “All was created to serve me, and I (with my intelligence and free choice) was created to serve my Creator.”

This means that every little detail in creation, all that happens every moment of our existence, is granted to us as an opportunity to make something Godly and spiritual out of it. A true expression of accomplishment, success, and achievement is when in some way or another, we connect our lives with their inward roots, the Godliness from which they were created.

A person must never forget that nothing is in vain. Everything has a purpose. Therefore, nothing and nobody is bad, inconsequential, or irrelevant. It is our noble and holy mission to make every effort to connect the person or experience with our very own goals of creation.

There are things God tells us that are forbidden and harmful to us. There are things God commands us to fulfill that benefit our lives.

Knowing that everything is originally from God, created by His will, brings us to the compelling conclusion that even when we are just eating and taking a walk, that too would reach a greater and more profound purpose when recognizing, “This, too, is for a Godly intention.” This is what the wise King Solomon teaches when he says, “In all your ways, know Him.”

Chapter 209

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