It’s Time to Expel and Deport Haters from Colleges

I look back at my own college history and 50 year career as student personnel professional, administrator and faculty member at some pretty significant universities. I have seen colleges devolve from strict enforcement of campus codes of conduct for students and faculty to complete surrender to chaos, mob rule and accepting menacing mob noises and actions as “academic freedom” and “free speech.”  My own experience is an example,  in 1965, living in a co-ed dorm at NYU in Washington Square, in NYC, I was disciplined and thrown out of the co-ed dormitory for violating a student conduct code know as the “intervisitation,” because my then girlfriend and now my bride of nearly 60 years was ten minutes late checking out of my room after “curfew.” I got a stern hearing from the “Resident Master” who asked me why I would ruin my college career for this “puppy love” and was allowed a graduate resident assistant to represent me in the hearing. Seriously it was laughable, but I lived the rest of college career in a rent controlled, two bedroom Thompson Street, fifth floor walk up tenement , with a shower in the kitchen, across from the Greenwich Village headquarters of Hell’s Angels. I had violated university policy and was held accountable.

Fast forward nearly 59 years, I read about pro-Palestinian students at Rutgers University, where I started my first full time professional job in their Urban University Department after the Newark riots, menacingly invade the University President’s presentation and the police needing to rescue him to get him to safety. And I wonder how will these students, both foreign and domestic be held accountable?  I ask, because in my dealing with the rising level of anti-Israelism and antisemitism, it appears that sanctions are not necessarily having the desired attempts. The facts of the matter are that university administrators are afraid of backlash from now megadonor  Jew-haters for expelling increasing menacing students and faculty for violations of both policy and possibly law.

Schools vary with respect to codes of conduct for students and faculty and it is a known fact that private non-publicly funded schools are more lenient, in general with their codes, sanctions and accountability, whereas state and federally funded universities have stricter codes, more in line with state and federal laws, especially those regarding their funding.

Nevertheless, until both students and faculty are held accountable for what can only be regarded as anti-social, menacing, dangerous intimidating and threatening actions behaviors, which are not protected freedom of expression, a campus cannot be a legitimate healthy learning environment for the targeted members of the community. Universities must expel willful and belligerent offenders from the community. It is a privilege and not a right to either be a student or a faculty member of any particular university, public or private. There are criteria fully stated in code of conduct manuals given to both students and administrators that spells out policies and procedures for being expelled from the community. Sadly these are rarely enforce with integrity where repeat offender press the campus judicial systems and threats of suits and legal action.

The most difficult part of all of this are many of the international students attending and faculty working at these colleges and universities have either a personal and some may even have a paid-professional agenda, to radicalize members of the university community to particular anti-democratic ideas while targeting fellow students and fellow faculty members for their religious, political and personal beliefs. We are witnessing many groups that are disrupting campus life being integrated by non-students and who may be on payrolls of organizations trying to radicalize students. It’s time to follow the money as well.

It is time that colleges and university be held accountable for those members of its community whom they are not holding accountable for promoting hatred and ethnic intimidation on campus. Groups and clubs bringing in speakers who call for genocidal, “From the River To The Sea” and other menacing actions from students and faculty are not contributing to learning, they are call for hateful incitement and must be held accountable. Colleges must enforce their noble codes of civility across the board and both student and faculty need to know that civility on campus is what is demanded, not mob rule, thuggery, ethnic intimidation or harassment.

Parents and alumni, community members and local, state and federal elected officials must insist these codes be enforced or universities will no longer be legitimate academic centers searching for truth and advancement, but centers of societal dysfunction fighting over mis and disinformation and propaganda narratives and plunging us into an age of darkness and regression. Those who wish to participate in those actions should be given one way tickets where that is practiced and not allowed to enjoy the privileges that come with attending good solid schools. It is a matter of national interest, national security and accepting the American ideals of equal protection of the law, the valued principles of the Constitution and the American dream of living in a diverse society with equal opportunity and in peace with our neighbors. We are a land of laws and not mob rule and it is time universities climb on board to enforce the laws to protect ALL members of the university community.

About the Author
Retired College Professor, President Emeritus & Co-Founder Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Founding Publisher and Editor Kol Central Pa; Philadelphia JCRC; Academic Engagement Network, Residing in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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