J’accuse, France!

“Now more details on that terrorist attack that killed 12 today.”  As I started to brush my teeth last Wednesday morning after turning on the radio, I heard those words and in an instant, I stopped what I was doing.  For a very brief moment, till I heard the next comments, I thought, “Oh no, where in Israel did this happen?”  But then I heard that the latest tragedy took place in Paris.

While I abhor the endless, abominable Jihadist brutalities, I must be honest that I breathed a huge sigh of relief that the attack did not take place in Jerusalem or in Shomron, or some other place in Israel, or against Jews in India or another country.  I wouldn’t have to worry about who was killed and who was hurt.  No bus, restaurant or Jewish Center blown up.  No kidnapped and murdered teens.  No rocket landing on a school.  No baby run over.  No child fire-bombed.  No Rabbis slaughtered as they prayed.  Oh, the terrorist attacks and attempts still take place in Israel and on a daily basis – stabbings, firebombs, rock throwing and more, even though they are ignored by the international community.  But thankfully, this time it wasn’t Israelis or Jews somewhere else around the world that were slaughtered.  I was disgusted and mad for sure, but also relieved.

Then on Friday morning as I got up and went to brush my teeth, I again heard about terrorist activity in France, and this time, sadly, it hit home.  The Islamic butchers were not satisfied with killing journalists; they had to add some Jews for good measure.  I could scream to every anti-Israel government official in Europe and around the world that the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices showed yet again, and conclusively, that Israel is NOT the reason for Islamic Jihad.  I could scream that the killing of French Jews shopping for the Sabbath – NOT Israeli settlers or soldiers, as if that matters – should also show conclusively that Israel is NOT the reason for the slaughter.

The Islamists hate democracy and they hate Jews.  Period.  If Israel did not exist, does anyone think these things would not happen?  That it would be different?  That a good portion of the Islamic world would not wish to go back in time to a brutal Sharia era?  Would there be no ISIS beheading Westerners and murdering those of other religions?  Would there be no al-Qaeda slaying 3000 Americans in one day?  Would there be no Boko Haram raping and enslaving young girls as they machine-gun the girls’ parents?  Would there be no Iranian mullahs torturing journalists and hanging homosexuals?  Would there be no Taliban shooting schoolchildren in Pakistan?  And did massacres of Jews begin only after May of 1948?  Am I missing something?

The thirst for the betterment of society continues unabated.  Art and literature.  Medicine and technology.  But as we move forward, others move backward, and they take the civilized world backward into their warped reality.  In the 21st century, not the 7th, we are witness to a cancerous poison that is spreading faster than advances in what should really matter, as those who value life work to cure cancer and feed the hungry, and those who value death maim and murder.  These Muslim barbarians yell “God is great!” as they do ungodly things.  And amazingly, so many still just don’t get it.

What is going on?  Is this worse-than-animal-behavior something that was created in a vacuum, or is it something that came about because of some action or inaction?  As long as I can remember, when it comes to Israel, all logic has gone out the window.  There is this bizarre obsession with the Jewish State and anything it does, and it is because it is exactly that, a Jewish State.  When it comes to Islam, on the other hand, there is this bend-over-backward hyper-eagerness to exalt political correctness over simple common sense.  And speaking of political correctness, I am sick and tired of this fairly new phenomenon of the media referring to Muhammad as “the prophet” Muhammad.  Do they say, “the prophet Moses,” or “the prophet Jesus?”  No, of course not.  But because the media is cowardly and “correct,” the rest of us have to be subjugated by the radicals as well.

Many world leaders cannot seem to fathom what is right in front of their eyes, that there is a war on terror and it is against Islamist radicals.  Now, most Muslims are not terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslims.  It is that clear.  It has been that clear for decades.  But even an American president, the leader of the free world, refuses to acknowledge this war, this struggle for all to be free of Jihadist tyranny.  And to make matters worse, as he waited way too long to confront an Islamic army running roughshod over two countries, this president insisted that the group was not Islamic, even though that same organization calls itself the Islamic State.  And why aren’t the world’s Muslim leaders condemning the continuous assault on humanity?  Why are they silent?  And I don’t mean an imam from some mosque here or there showing up at rallies or on cable TV.  I mean genuine Muslim leaders.  You know the answer.

While the right in the European Union (EU) has its anti-Semites, it has been the left in European countries like France, who have encouraged immigration from Arab countries, purposely not assimilating the newcomers and then allowing them to fester into the open sores of radicalization and Jew-hatred.  In 2001, the Muslim population in France was 3%.  Today, it is upwards of 10%.  There are now nearly 7 million Muslims in France, the largest Muslim population of any EU country.  That in and of itself is not an offense.  But as it cannot ever wait to excoriate Israel when residents – in areas that all concerned know will be within Israel as part of any peace agreement – wish to add an extra toilet in their home, the touchy-feely left of France and Europe does not dare raise its voice or lift a finger against what have become Sharia caliphates within their own borders.  And that lays bare the bigotry and the bias.

All of us of good will must feel as much indignation and sadness with what happened to the employees of Charlie Hebdo as we do with what happened to our own who were executed in a Kosher market.  But all people of good conscience must recognize that this insanity, which has gone on way too long, was at best not prevented and at worst enabled.  France’s Jewish population has endured increasingly numerous acts of anti-Semitism as the country’s Muslim population has grown, and very little has been done about it.  But French Intelligence agencies dropped the ball, either because of incompetence or because the left-wing Socialist ruling government just doesn’t give enough of a damn, especially when confronting what are now its own home-grown French nationals, who train with al-Qaida or adhere to ISIS, and then assassinate cartoonists and shoppers.

And make no mistake, more of this is coming.  Not just In France, but in other countries that attract and coddle those who glorify Islamic “martyrdom.”  We have already seen it in other countries of Western Europe.  The France-ification of Europe is unrelenting, and I continue to be angry with all the nations and peoples who believe Jewish blood is cheap.  But today, I am especially angry with the apathetic and pathetic citizens and leaders of the country that never learned from what it did to Alfred Dreyfus 120 years ago.  Defiant declarations and slogans as well as mass marches and rallies are nice, and may even be important, but there must be less denial and more recognition of the obvious, and then action.  So as I truly and sincerely mourn the loss of all your innocents, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, I say to you France, J’accuse!

About the Author
Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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