Je Suis Stupide

I debated calling this column, “Take me out to the ballgame.” Both the title I used and the one I did not tells the story of the weakness and yes, stupidity of world leaders and governments. Islamic terrorism, yes I said it, has the world on fire, and those who should, don’t seem to give enough of a crap. The left, for the most part, is running world security, and they are running it into the ground.

This isn’t just about Belgium and France by the way. This is about everywhere. And it is Islamic radicalism that is doing it. Boko Haram, aka ISWAP, the Islamic State West Africa Province, regularly attacks villages in Africa killing many, in fact burning people alive, including children, while enslaving others. Just yesterday, a Taliban suicide bomber targeting Christians celebrating Easter killed 72 people, mostly women and children in a Lahore, Pakistan playground. Hundreds were injured.

Of course African villagers and Christians anywhere targeted by radical Islam don’t count much. Who cares about non-European, non-whites? Who cares about Christians? No marches planned in Nigeria, no signs saying Je Suis Lahore, no solidarity with those who just don’t rate. But hey, Africa and Christians, don’t feel bad you are ignored. The symbolism is worthless and stupid anyway. And common sense is being ignored even for the white Europeans.

We now know the bombings in Brussels last week, killing 35 innocents including four Americans, could have been prevented. Much has been made of the intelligence failures that led to the murders, the sloppiness, the laziness, the incompetence of Belgian authorities. But it doesn’t matter.

When the civilized world is dealing with politically-correct, touchy-feely officials responsible for the safety of their citizens, there is terrorism, and there will be more terrorism, more outrage, and sadly and ridiculously, more meaningless symbolism, but of course very little muscle. The more the Jihadists kill, the more those on the left look for ways to understand the barbarians, the more the feckless look for ways to bend over backward to make the Islamists happy.

It has been said that in a democracy, people get the leaders they deserve. And so they do. The left has voted in their own in France and other places, their own who have the same silly thoughts of those who chose them of course. The answer for the left has been to try and understand the Jihadists grievances, even to justify the brutality. Give in more and more to the poor, misunderstood extremists. Forget about assimilation and democratization. The Islamists are uncomfortable with that.

Muhammad must be called, “The Prophet Muhammad.” Jesus, nah. Moses, nah. Muhammad, we had better. A crucifix can be submerged in a glass of urine and be subsidized with US government funds – it’s art they say, but draw a cartoon of Muhammad, offensive or not, and your head comes off, or you get blown up.

The left is more than happy to criticize, even lampoon, certain religions, but at the same time these hypocrites lecture that in an effort to be more understanding of Islam, we need to suspend freedom of speech for that religion, and that religion alone. Freedom of speech is a principle of human law, as long as it is their type of speech.

Some countries don’t even try to assimilate their Muslim populations, and by cowardly acquiescence, these countries’ ministries contribute to unemployment and the creation of fetid sewers of radicalism. To be fair, leftists are not the only guilty party, although they practice political correctness much better than most. In the UK, run by a conservative government, there are Sharia councils that make law outside government law, to the great detriment of Muslim women looking to be free of their abusive husbands.

We send the wrong signals to those who want us dead. The dangerously, overly-compassionate either forget World War II and 9/11, as examples, or find excuses for their occurrences. Even the term “lone wolf,” the designation given to a terrorist not directly affiliated with any organization, is a way to get Muslims off the hook. The Jihadist must have been crazy or unstable, not a bad Muslim. If even one person is inspired enough by a terrorist organization to murder, he or she is no lone wolf. Not to me.

More wrong signals? Breaking promises about Iranian nuclear deterrence to one of containment to one of allowance after a few years, when everyone knows the Iranians will not moderate and only continue to foment terror and violence. Right, let’s allow the world’s most active state sponsor of terrorism the bomb, and money to make bombs and give weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah, and well, any radical entity.

A leftist American president visiting a dictatorship he should not have in the first place, a country that jails and tortures journalists and dissentersgoes to a baseball game not long after the attack in Belgium and even does “the wave.” Nice. Then from Cuba, he moves onto Argentina and dances the tango at a state dinner.

Now unlike others, I don’t think President Obama necessarily needed to cut his visit short, but does he send the right signal to our enemies and yes, to our friends as well, when very shortly after a major terrorist attack, he jokes around with a brutal dictator at a sports venue and then sashays around a dance floor?

Pundits have said that Obama has already checked out. I don’t think he ever checked in. By the way, had this been George W. Bush, we wouldn’t hear the end of it from the left, and Michael Moore would already be writing the script to a movie mocking the president for his indifference and disrespect.

It never ceases to amaze me the naiveté of otherwise bright people who never learn the lessons of history. They cannot recognize evil and think that somehow something other than force can eradicate those who would slice their throats in an instant were they ever to meet. The argument is, and always has been, that we need to find ways other than physical power to stop the atrocities.

Leftists cannot even label terrorists for what they are, barbarians. They don’t feel that even the scum of the earth is less than human. Their hero Obama, as we know, can’t seem to say Islamic terror. I think it’s more than worrying about insulting Islam, I think it’s also just labeling, like how we say a child’s behavior is bad, and not that the child is bad. Well, there are bad children, and there are bad, very bad, evil people and they are animals and barbarians. People who blow up innocents, who burn children alive, are indeed less than human.

Unlike the usual kneejerk reactions of the left, when barbarity occurs, talk will not help. Feeling compassion for the terrorists will not help. Trying to understand the underlying issues bothering the misunderstood terrorists will not help. Kumbaya diplomacy will not help. Sending James Taylor to sing, “You’ve got a friend,” will not help. Depending on the corrupt UN will not help. Yukking it up with other scum to show we do business as usual will not help. Thinking that one day, medieval Islamists will eventually relinquish their goal of a worldwide Sharia-influenced caliphate, where women will continue to be second class citizens and gays are hung or thrown off buildings, will not help.

And that by the way is the key to all this, the reason for all the butchery. The animals hate democracy. They hate freedom. They hate anyone and anything that differs with their 6th century world view. It’s really not complicated.

All the coddling, the analytical hand wringing, the Freud-like attempts to delve into the psychological issues bothering the sad, dejected terrorists only enables them. And they laugh at us.

The touchy-feely among us need to accept that the inhuman will not stop maiming and murdering as long as they think their religion not only allows it, but demands it. The terrorists don’t need a hug, they need to be killed. These modern day Hitler-like expansionists will not try to stop killing us so we need to kill them. As many as we can for as long as it takes and hopefully before they kill all of us. Because if they could, they would.

In the end, the Belgians couldn’t have their “March Against Fear” because of security concerns. How ironic. I say good. There have been enough marches, enough peace signs, enough French and Belgian flags superimposed over Facebook pictures, enough Je Suis whatever. It is time for leadership.

Good luck with that.

About the Author
Shia Altman who hails from Baltimore, MD, now lives in Los Angeles. His Jewish studies, aerospace, and business and marketing background includes a BA from the University of Maryland and an MBA from the University of Baltimore. When not dabbling in Internet Marketing, Shia tutors Bar and Bat Mitzvah, and Judaic and Biblical Studies to both young and old.
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