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Jerusalem’s Continuous Jewish Presence

In order for Jews to be the conquering and colonizing Europeans they are accused of being, despite the demographics that prove Jews in Israel today who came from places outside Israel after being forced out comes from places outside Europe, there must be a time when there was no Jewish presence. Indigenous comes down to how long people have been living in a place compared to others. defines indigenous as:

“Indigenous. relating to or being a people who are the original, earliest known inhabitants of a region, or are their descendants:”

Considering there were not supposed to be any Jews in what is now Israel prior to the lies told by those who hate Israel’s very existence and want to see all Jews slaughtered, there should be an absence of Jewish people in the varying records over the course of recorded history.

There is a misconception that after the Great Revolt in 70 CE (AD) that led to the destruction of the 2nd Temple left no Jewish people in Jerusalem. The myth that Rome forced them all out is as persistent as it is flawed.

Considering Rome’s predilections of how they treated those they conquered, particularly after dealing with rebellion of any kind, they would have forced Jews to live there to see the destruction of their Temple. Rome liked to show off its power to those who were at the receiving end. Without Jews seeing the destruction, they would have had no one to show off to in Jerusalem.

The Bar Kobha Revolt occurred between 132 – 135 CE (AD), after the Great Revolt.

Britannica includes some interesting details about the Revolt:

“Jewish rebellion against Roman rule in Judea. The revolt was preceded by years of clashes between Jews and Romans in the area.”

If all the Jews had been removed, how could there be any fighting between Jewish and Roman forces? The only way the historical event could have occurred is if Rome did not force out all the Jewish people.

The Crusades were about 200 years of Crusader rule over Jerusalem ending in 1291.

From the Jewish Virtual Library on the Crusades:

“The explicit cause was the reports received from Jerusalem concerning the maltreatment of Christian pilgrims and the way their access to the Holy Places was obstructed. In many of these reports, the malevolence of the Jews was also stressed…”

If there were no Jews in Jerusalem, why would they have been mentioned in reports?

The Ottoman Empire took control of Jerusalem in 1516.

From WikiPedia on the Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem during the Ottoman’s rule:

“The Jewish quarter was initially located near the Gate of the Moors and Coponius Gate, in the southwestern part of the Western Wall. Most of the housing property consisted of Muslim religious endowments, and was rented out to Jews.

How could Muslims rent to Jewish people if there were no Jewish people in Jerusalem?

In 1874, when there were not supposed to be Jews, Parliamentary Papers and Command showed Jews living in Jerusalem. Not just living there, but made up almost half the population of the people living there.

From page 992:

“The population of the city of Jerusalem is estimated at 21,000, of whom 5,000 are Moslems, 5,500 Christians of various denominations, mostly of the Greek rite, 10,000 Jews, and about 500 European (not being Jews), mostly Germans.”

If there were no Jews in Jerusalem, where did those 10,000 Jews come from?

Historical records prove not all the Jews were ever forced out of Jerusalem, let alone the surrounding areas that make up more landmass than the country that currently exists or anyone not Jewish making the claim of being indigenous. They have a continuous presence that predated Islam and Christianity. No other people living in or around modern-day Israel has a greater claim to being indigenous to the land than the Jews.

Under Jordan, the country formed as the original two-state solution under the United Nations, ethnically cleansed their new country of Jews. there had always been Jewish people living on both sides of the Jordan River. By the indigenous aspect alone, Jordan is part of Israel and historically Jewish, but Israel makes no claim on the land or the country.

There are a lot of places the Jewish people could call themselves indigenous, like Baghdad, where they lived for thousands of years before being forced out. Israel makes no claim on Baghdad, Iraq, or the other cities and countries they lived continuous generations.

The only thing Israel wants is to live in peace with the countries as they exist today.

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