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Jessica Krug’s leftist blackface pit my peoples against each other

Parroting JVP talking points, my teacher blamed Jews and Israel for American racism, undermining the goals of the Black Lives Matter movement
Noah Shufutinsky (Courtesy)
Noah Shufutinsky (Courtesy)

Jessica Krug, an associate professor at The George Washington University was recently exposed for pretending to be Afro-Latina. Dr. Krug has been passing herself off as Afro-Latina for years. She has used her position of academic authority on Black issues to sow discord between the Black and Jewish communities. As a Black Jewish student at GW, and one who has taken a class with Dr. Krug I am outraged by her deception and promotion of divisive rhetoric in the name of social justice. 

Throughout my time in her class, I had several experiences in which she promoted fringe beliefs and elevated them as reflective of the Black community. One example of this was when she disrespected an Afro-Latino boy who was murdered by two gang members in the Bronx, by excusing his death as a “radical” and “revolutionary” moment against “forces acting against the community” due to his membership in an NYPD youth program. Beyond this disgusting anti-Black rhetoric that demonstrates her placing selective value on Black life, she has engaged in anti-Semitic behavior as well. In a virtual New York City Council meeting, Dr. Krug stated that the NYPD was trained by the Israel Defense Forces to target Black and Brown people. Dr. Krug exploited her position as a “Black” woman to speak against Jews and employed a common anti-Semitic tactic, blaming Israel for the ills of the world, in this case for America’s systemic racism that existed long before Israel was founded in 1948.

Jessica Krug (Duke University Press)

She pulled her talking points directly from Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), an anti-Israel fringe organization that often seeks to blame Israel for police brutality in America. This false narrative disregards the main goal of the Black Lives Matter movement by ignoring centuries of systematic racism in America and misidentifying the source of our struggles. By failing to hold racist Americans, bigoted institutions within the US and bad police accountable for their actions in favor of passing the blame on to Jews and Israel, Dr. Krug and JVP are furthering their own agenda at the expense of Black Americans and our history of resistance. 

Dr. Krug pretending to be a “Black” woman while slandering Jews and Israel is deeply offensive and should draw the outrage of all Black and Jewish people of the world. Her actions reflect a pattern of politicization of my peoples and all marginalized groups. She has made it seem as though Blackness and Judaism are mutually exclusive as an attempt to separate the two. But they do not exist in a vacuum and I am living proof.  

Black Americans and Jews have a shared history of painful discrimination and hate. Although our challenges and historical nuances differ, we need to stand together to fight this hateful act as one because we are stronger together. Don’t let people like Dr. Krug and JVP appropriate our history in favor of promoting their own political agendas and career opportunities that will not help our communities. Only by coming together against hate can we make a meaningful change to end racism in America.

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Noah Shufutinsky is currently a senior at The George Washington University majoring in Judaic Studies. He seeks to take his passion for Judaic Studies and History into the field of education.
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