Adrienne Skolnik

Jew-hatred and Antisemitism are Racism on Steroids!

Why are the Jews so reluctant to be called a race?

We typically think that the concept of race is derived from the African slave trade. It may surprise you to know that it was on June 5,1449, in the town of Toledo, Spain, that the first set of discriminatory laws, the Sentencia-Estatuto, based on racial exclusion, were decreed against the Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity (Conversos).

“Limpieza de Sangre,” means “purity of blood” and is the basis of the Sentencia-Estatuto, which is the belief that because blood flows through the veins of our entire body, it determines a person’s character. It goes so far as to classify a person as objectionable because of impure blood. Stated in the Sentencia Estatuto, “Conversos are descendants of a perverse line of Jews.”

Even the word “race” came from Spain, “raza,” where it was used to refer to the Jewish people. Legalized racism was now official and would soon spread with expulsions during the Spanish Inquisition.

Fast forward to today. We, as human beings, have much more in common genetically than we have differences. God created us with all of our body parts and internal organs in the same physiological locations. We are all beautiful human beings with incredible brains to discern reality.

Yet, in society today, race has become a social construct, a shared way of thinking. It is a pejorative term used to divide and conquer, victimize and subjugate.

Weaponizing the term “You’re a Racist” has become an art form used to harass, threaten and shut people down when there is no substantial reason to use it.

How has this effected the Jewish community? Hate crimes against Jews are higher than any other minority group and the number escalates yearly.

Pro-Palestinian protesters drive through Jewish neighborhoods screaming “F— the Jews, Rape their daughters, Kill the Jews”; desecrate Jewish graves and synagogues; beat Orthodox Jews because of their distinctive hair and clothes, and murder Jews in their synagogues while at prayer.

Then in the most diabolical way, savagely murdered 1,200 Israeli citizens and took 246 hostages during the October 7th massacre. And the world is silent!

Is all this not a clear definition of Racism? A targeted people?

If these heinous hate crimes were perpetrated against any other group, be it the black, brown, Asian, native American Indian, Muslim, LGBTQ, etc., these vile acts would be considered Racism. The world would not be silent!

The hatred of Jews is biblical and the oldest form of Racism. Even more interesting is that, unlike any other so-called “distinct group”, Jews are black (African), brown (Hispanic, East Asian Indian, and from Arab nations), Asian, LGBTQ, and white. In fact, Jews in Israel are about 50% black and 50 % white. A wonderful kaleidoscope of colors and values.

Which raises the question? Is there such a thing as a “distinct group?” Hispanics are a combination of Black, South American Indigenous, European Hispanic and white descent. And American Blacks have European, Native American, Hispanic and white blood running through their veins.

It seems there is more genetic variation within groups than between them. Thus, with such diversity, race is a more profound matter of self-identification with shared values, languages, historic cultural connections and religious beliefs.

Race, as a culturally defined social construct, also has built-in protections for black, Hispanic, Asian, Muslim, and LGBTQ communities. Why don’t Jews classify for those same protections as a targeted people, a race? For when similar violence happens within these specified communities, the world erupts!

Just say a wrong pronoun and you’re a Racist!

In the Civil Rights Bill of 1866, Jews were considered a distinct race and were within the protection of the statute.

Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does not define what constitutes “race,” Jews were entitled to protection under it also.

On May 17, 2022, House Resolution 1125 passed Condemning the Rise of Antisemitism. Not surprisingly, given today’s political atmosphere, this was given very little publicity in the media.

So why this visceral hatred toward Jews and what is the most recent incarnation of the new Jewish Racism??? Anti-Zionism. “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free! Israel is an apartheid state,” scream the pro-Palestinian protesters flooding the streets of major cities worldwide since October 7th.

The true meaning of apartheid means no citizenship, no property ownership, and no right to vote. This is simply not the reality in Israel.

How can Israel be apartheid when the Chairman of Israel’s largest bank is an Arab Israeli.

When an Arab Muslim is appointed a Supreme Court Judge.

And when Arab Israelis are university professors, doctors, lawyers, business and property owners, and are citizens with the right to vote.

Jews are a composition of many beautiful skin colors who all believe in one God and are guided by the precepts and principles of the Torah. Sadly, regardless of skin color, location or status, Jews have been condemned and murdered for centuries because of their religious beliefs.

How else can you define this continued level of hatred and violence against one particular religious group for centuries, other than unequivocal Racism?

About the Author
Adrienne Skolnik worked professionally as a commercial real estate broker. She served on the National Advisory Committee of the Conference of Jewish Affairs with her friend and mentor, the late Rabbi Aryeh Spero, and was creator of The New Jewish Exodus Project zoom presentation: Jews Fleeing Woke Synagogues! – Americans for Peace and Tolerance
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