Jew Hatred Is Neither Liberal or Progressive. It’s Racist Supremacy

If Jews are going to counter and survive increasing antisemitic and anti-Israel assaults in the future, we must take responsibility for keeping the narratives honest and accountable and insist that any expression of Jew-Hatred where ever it comes from is neither “liberal” or “progressive” and is in fact, an expression of racist supremacy which if left unchecked is dangerous.

We must insist, that no matter how liberal or progressive your political or personal beliefs are, expressions of Jew-hatred and anti-Israelism are lines that honest and decent liberals and progressives do not cross and that expressions of such cancel out your own right to think of yourself as a liberal or a progressive and place you in the same company of domestic terrorists, white supremacists and genocidal neo-Nazis.

True Liberals and Progressives claim to be “inclusive” and “welcome diversity” and are for expansive rights and societal opportunities and benefits and are committed to a better life for all. And yet, we are seeing wolves-in-sheep’s clothing, hateful, self-proclaimed Liberals and Progressives, a growing wave of Jew-Hatred that not only demonizes Jews and Israel, but rejects true life long committed liberal and progressive Jews who have long been involved in progressive and liberal struggles for civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, gender equity, LGBTQ+ rights, religious freedom, victims’ rights, refugee rights, health care rights and many other liberal causes.

These faux, self-proclaimed Liberals and Progressives have blamed Jews for having “white privilege” and of Israel as being “apartheid and colonialist” with some calling for the genocidal de-establishment of the state of Israel claiming “from the river river to the see, Palestine will soon be free….” This is not honest criticism of Israeli policy, this is a call for genocide and it is neither liberal nor progressive. It is not even revolutionary. It is genocidal and hateful and is just as Jew-hating as chants from Great Replacement Theorists from the neo-Nazi right: “Jews will not replace us!” These faux liberal pretenders have come full circle in the circle of extremist hatred and therefore need to be stripped of their self deceptive definition of liberalism and progressiveness.

It is neither liberal nor progressive to be a hater of the other, especially using the thousands of years old canards that have been used to exile and oppress the Jewish people. It simple makes these racial supremacists the latest in a long line of peoples engaged in what the late historian, Robert Wistrich referred to as “The Longest Hatred.” It is simple the expression of one groups needing to blame their problems on another group they feel are racially, religiously or ethnically inferior and Defaming, Delegitimizing, and holding them to an impossible Double standard (Natan Scharansky’s 3 D’s) which certainly is neither progressive nor liberal.

In our emotionally charged world, it is not politically correct to name names when making these kinds of statements, but it is time to say that people who engage in these behaviors cannot be considered liberal nor progressive. Let me start with naming some Jewish offenders which include many members of J-Street, Senator Bernie Sanders, Israeli academic Ilan Pappe, MIT Prof. Noam Chomsky, Members of Jewish Voices for Peace. I maintain that these Jewish Jew and Israel haters give justification then to the now many mainstream once liberal and progressive left wing of Democratic Party to become radicalized into Jew-hating members of the party running on anti-Israel and anti-Jewish platforms and demonizing those Jewish organizations forming to try to stop their dangerous neo-Nazi genocidal calls.

Sadly this may hurt some of my friends’ feelings who whine, well then, what is legitimate criticism of Israel and does it have a legitimate and progressive place in liberal politics and the answer is that there can be healthy and honest discussion about Israel and Jews, but when Jews give a platform to Jew haters and true avowed enemies of Israel to spout their Jew-Hatred and genocidal wishes in the halls of Congress and in the public square and academic quad, it is not “free speech,” a liberal and progressive right of the people. It is “hate speech” which is ethically, morally and perhaps even legally not protected speech and certainly is neither liberal or progressive. It is hateful and dangerous.

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Retired College Professor, President Emeritus & Co-Founder Scholars for Peace in the Middle East. Founding Publisher and Editor Kol Central Pa; Philadelphia JCRC; Academic Engagement Network, Residing in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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