Judith R. Robinson
Judith R. Robinson

Jew Hatred

Hello from Pittsburgh.

Facing some grim facts today. Sorry!
Antisemitism is on the rise again. A virus, metaphorically. Always there, always waxing and waning, never leaving, always adapting. Jews were once hated for their religion (think Spanish Inquisition) for their race (think Holocaust) currently for their state. (think Israel).

Here is a poem on the subject, published several years ago:


Much casual death had drained away their souls.

—Anthony Hecht

No monument stands over Babi Yar. I am each old man shot dead.

—Yevgeny Yevtushenko

The deep primal knot

At the base of the skull

Does not think; one-eyed,

It sees only you.

You,with your horns.

Know this above all things:

It must take the horns from a beast
To bless its human self,

To ease its bones,

To secure its fragile borders.

Only then can it stop & chant a dirge,

A hymn of mourning for you;

Or make of you an ogre slayed

A rhyme, a song, a scalding tale of dread

To frighten tiny children.

—-Judith R. Robinson

About the Author
Judith R. Robinson is a visual artist, an editor, teacher, fiction writer and poet. She has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers and anthologies. She has taught and conducted workshops for the Pittsburgh Public Schools, Winchester- Thurston School and Allegheny Community College. She currently teaches poetry for Osher at Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.
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