Jewish Human Rights Watch denies endorsing Britain First

Here’s the statement made by Jewish Human Rights Watch since I posted my blog showing a clip from their Facebook “likes” page yesterday:


It has been brought to our attention that the fascist group Britain First and the virulently anti-Israel charity War on Want both appeared in the ‘likes’ section of our Facebook page. This was an error committed by a young and inexperienced volunteer who was asked to monitor groups of interest to JHRW, be they friends or enemies. It should be obvious to any fair-minded observer that we would have no time for either group; JHRW stands in the tradition of those Jews who fought Mosley’s Blackshirts and our volunteers include the children of Holocaust survivors.

To avoid confusion, both groups have now been removed.

People will make their own mind up about a group that claims to be some sort of Human Rights *Watch* but apparently fails to watch or take action about what it has up on its own public domain Facebook page until it’s drawn to their attention by publication.

Their retraction states that their Facebook “likes” page was just about monitoring and also included a “like” of War on Want. This is certainly not true of the screen grab I made, which is up on yesterday’s post, and which clearly did not include War on Want, and of which the other three groups besides Britain First were all Israel advocacy/anti BDS groups.

Unfortunately, there are too many who think that parading their anti-Nazi credentials of itself proves they can’t be aligning with Muslim haters. There are those who use the same arguments to demonstrate that aligning with Islamist Jew haters who cloak their hatred in anti-Zionist language exonerates those allegiances as fine too.

Even if I had not published my post on JHRW yesterday, enemies of Israel, who constantly scour what Israel defenders write on the internet would have found it anyway, given that JHRW have leapt with both feet into the bear pit of publishing a paid ad in The Guardian, and used it to smear the whole Israel advocacy movement.

BearĀ in mind that Facebook “likes”, and blog and other pages which have been taken down, can be retrieved and displayed by anyone with knowledge of widely known web search and retrieval techniques, such as the “Wayback” machine. Especially once it’s known that you’ve been taking embarrassing pages down.

Jewish advocacy supporters who have flagged up such racist allegiances, even if they are naive young volunteers, need to be aware of this.

As should groups who turn over control of their Facebook pages or websites and don’t bother to check them to individuals — who may turn out to have agendas or just be plain stupid.

About the Author
Judy Keiner is a London based, retired senior Lecturer in education at the University of Reading and former teacher, school inspector, government education and schools consultant.