Jewish privilege vs. Palestinian privilege

One of the most common tactics of Western progressives these days is to run around telling people of white, European descent that they are “privileged”. Jews are considered to be “white” by these progressives, though many people (including here on Times of Israel) have argued they are not. As a result, Jews are often told by progressives to “check their privilege”. I thought it would be a good idea, so I decided to list what examples of Jewish “privilege” I came up with:

  1. Being told you have no right to a homeland of your own.
  2. Being told you and your people have no right and no connection to your ancient homeland.
  3. Being harassed, threatened, and intimidated on university campuses around the world.
  4. Being unable to pray on your holiest site.
  5. Having your Jewishness questioned by people calling you a “fake Jew” or a “Khazar”.
  6. Hated by both the far left and far right.
  7. Being the subject of lies, conspiracy theories, and cartoons in the Arab media, neo-Nazi sites, and other places.
  8. Being the victims of pogroms and blood libels for centuries.
  9. Being the victims of the one the largest genocides in human history.

Since these accusations of Jewish “privilege” are also used to attack Israel, I thought I would list examples of Israeli “privilege” I thought up of as well:

  1. Being told you have no right to live in the country you currently live in, and in most cases, were born and lived your whole life in.
  2. Being told your country is illegitimate and has no right to exist.
  3. Being told you must either return to the country where your ancestors were oppressed for centuries or must live as a minority under a people of whom 93% are anti-Semitic.
  4. Being constantly demonized and dehumanized on university campuses around the world.
  5. Being the target of a campaign to boycott you in order to force you to commit national suicide.
  6. Being the only country unable to serve on the UN Security Council and other UN bodies.
  7. Being subject to disproportionate scrutiny by several UN bodies, including the UN “Human Rights” Council, which has some of the worst human rights abusers on the planet currently serving on it.
  8. Being held to much higher standard than the rest of the world.
  9. Being told you must come up with peace soon or else you will be forced to give up your self-determination.
  10. Being subject to threats of annihilation.
  11. Being subject to rocket attacks and other terrorist activity.
  12. Being denied the right to defend yourself and being accused of “war crimes” when you do so.

On the other hand, Palestinians are seen by progressives as an “oppressed people of color” who have no privilege. However, here are the privileges they and only they have:

  1. Having membership in the United Nations despite having never been a sovereign state in any point in history. No other group without a sovereign country has membership in the United Nations.
  2. Having the United Nations obsessively focus on your plight while many other peoples (e.g. Kurds, Assyrians, Tibetans, and North Koreans, among other) are way worse off than you are.
  3. Having a unique criteria for being a “refugee”.
  4. Having a whole UN organization dedicated to your “refugees”.
  5. Having a “right of return”, a right that only applies to you, even though more Jews fled from Arab countries than Arabs fled from Israel.
  6. Having a group of some of the some of the worst human rights abusers on the planet hijack the United Nations on your behalf. (Pat Condell sums it up in these four brilliant videos)
  7. Having failures of the peace process blamed on Israel and only on Israel every single time.
  8. Being continuously held to lower standard than Israel.
  9. Being “entitled” to compensation for “lost land” even though Jews aren’t entitled to compensation for land they were forced off, which was much more valuable.
  10. Having any despicable actions (including war crimes) of yours whitewashed as “resistance”.
  11. Being the recipient of 25 times more foreign aid per capita than Europe was under the Marshall Plan.
  12. Being able to complain of living in an “open air concentration camp” that has beautiful beaches, luxury resorts, shopping malls, and even luxury cars.
  13. Having millions of people support your struggle to destroy another UN member.

So, there you have it. Keep in mind my examples are not a complete list of privileges both sides have.

About the Author
Cliff, a recent college grad, lives in the NYC borough of Queens. Raised in a reform Jewish household, he now considers himself a secularist Jew who unequivocally support Israel's right to exist and defend itself against its sworn enemies.
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