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Jewish Social Networks: Flops, Successes, and the Future

Jews like to talk to each other online, but some sites are better at facilitating that than others
Screenshot of, a growing social network with 80,000 daily users. (photo credit: JTA)
Screenshot of, a growing social network with 80,000 daily users. (photo credit: JTA)

The Social Network of The People of The Book

The Talmud and subsequent Jewish literature illustrate how Jewish personalities and communities shared, connected, and lead each other across the world and over time. No matter the location, Jews network with each other, sharing the conversations and experiences that matter most.

The Emergence of Social Networking Sites

Since the emergence of Facebook of 10 years, more than half the world has joined a social Network site. Statistics are yet to be formed over the percentage of Jewish people connected to internet or using social media sites. We do know from Jewish web successes such as the Times of Israel, that Jewish People collect and converse online.

Social Sites invite users to create a profile, connect with other users while sharing content and engaging in conversation. More or a less a digital kiddush lunch, but with a specific purpose. Major networks connect people professionally, to the entire world, or to a special interest groups.

In the last few years, numerous Jewish Social networks have emerged. Most have never gain traction. A few are household terms. While I believe the future of Jewish community leadership will require social web applications, I think we need to review what’s worked, hasn’t worked, and what’s possible.

I’ve listed a few Jewish social networks below that have already come about, as well as a few I hope to create with you.

Jewish Network Successes

  • Jdate
    Obviously a successful Jewish network. Focusing on solely on dating, Jdate has facilitated thousands of dates and happy marriages.
  • Shabbat.Com
    One of the best uses of a single word domain name, Shabbat.Com helps Jews host or be hosted for shabbat.
  • Wispa App
    Originally a peacetime marketplace app, Wispa helped Israelis down south seeking refuge find a place with an Israeli in Northern Israel during last summer’s war. Read More Here.

 Sites on the rise?

    I am not sure what it will become, but their splash page insists that it’ll be more than a dating a site.
  • Schtik
    A rapidly growing network, currently under 1000 people, Schtik is setting itself up to be a social community and knowledge management network but has a long way to go.
  • B-Linked
    The largest Jewish international social organization has a social network for it’s youth organization. Individual chapters and participants keep up with conversations and events.


    Found this site on a google search. They have a cute introduction video and a solid buddypress platform. However, the network’s ambitious goal of uniting the Jewish people hasn’t really gained much traction.
  • shmoozer
    I remember being on a network of this name when I was in college. However, I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Needed Jewish Networking Sites

I am not going to imagine too much here what the following Jewish Social networks would look like. Except that they’d be very mobile friendly, media-centric, and augment how people communicate in the real world.

  • Rabbis
  • Musicians
  • Olim

It’s Time to  Set up Your Social Network

The Jewish World is made up of many overlapping social networks.

Some are regional, some are institution-based, and others are for special interests.

As more people connect through the social web, real communities need to engage their social community online, the best way to do this is with a social networking site.

Visit to learn more about Jewish Social Networks.

About the Author
Jacob Sager is an entrepreneur, father of 4, and retired Camp Counselor. He's grew up on the internet and once made a Jewish Social Network. For now, he's imagining the Jewish future in virtual reality and in outer space. Follow him on Twitter or Linkedin for more content.
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