Jewish Useful Idiots

Jewish individuals and organizations willingly or unwillingly act as useful idiots to advance the causes of Islamist Movement

The term ‘useful idiots’ describes individuals, who are taken advantage of by the persons or organizations to achieve often-nefarious goals. The Austrian- American economist Ludwig Von Mises had provided the definition of the term. In his book ‘Planned Chaos’ von Mises noted that the term useful innocents often is used by communists to achieve their goals by using “confused and misguided sympathizers of the revolutionary idea.”

Jewish anti-Zionist groups of US and Canada, by denying the state of Israel the right to exit and self-determination, contribute to the advancement of the goals of Islamic Movement. It is important to note that there are many other groups of useful idiots who support the nefarious goals of Islamist Movement as it is evident by the numerous demonstrations of universities in US and Canada in the support of Hamas.

The Islamist Movement organizations in US and Canada show a united front in support of the Hamas’s attack on Israel on October 07, 2023. It is evident by the well-organized pro-Palestinian demonstrations and by the responses of Islamic organization such as Council on American-Islamic Relation (CAIR) and others in support of Hamas’s barbaric murderers. Try to find the Islamic organizations in US and Canada which expresses condemnation of the October 07 Hamas unprovoked attack on the civilian population of Israel and you will find none.

Opposite to the overwhelming  response of Muslim communities in support of Hamas the Jewish communities of US and Canada experience divisions over the Hamas Israel war.

The groups such as Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow are in the forefront of anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist movement. Founded in 1996, Voice for Peace (JVP) presents itself as “the largest progressive Jewish anti-Zionist organization in the world”. It has chapters on many university campuses. Established in 2014 during the Israel-Hamas war, the IFNotNow stated its goal” Organizing our community to end US support for Israel’s apartheid system and demand equality, justice and a thriving future for all Palestinians and Israelis”. Among the pro-Palestinian rally’s participants, you can see a group of Orthodox Jewish men. The group is called Neturei Karta. The group opposes the secular state of Israel and advocates for its destruction.

The Islamist Movement organizations are the beneficiaries of the actions of the Jewish anti-Zionist useful idiots.

Present day Zionism is an expression of the support for the continued existence of state of Israel, despite of the calls for its destruction or dissolution by her enemies.

The anti-Zionist Jews are denying the state of Israel the right to exist and for Jewish people’s right to self-determination. The whole concept of anti-Zionism is antisemitic in nature. “When Jews are verbally and physically harassed or Jewish institutions and houses of worship are vandalized in response to actions of the state of Israel, it is antisemitism.”

The way to fight anti-Zionism ideology of the useful idiots is to educate the children, Jewish and non-Jewish, about Jewish history and holocaust. The Holocaust education will soon be mandatory for all high school students in the British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan provinces of Canada.

However, as of May 29,2921, 31 states of US don’t require schools to teach about the Holocaust and in Canada there are several provinces, Quebec and Manitoba, where the Holocaust education is not in the school’s curriculum. Therefore, the Jewish organizations of US and Canada, fighting the actions and influence of the anti-Zionist groups, have an obligation to continue to advance the cause of the Holocaust education to all schools and universities. When the children are getting the knowledge of the Holocaust and Jewish history they become a catalyst of the attitude change toward the anti-Zionist organizations.

About the Author
I am a retired health care worker from Canada who is acutely aware of the serious situation the State of Israel is experiences at the present. I flew from Calgary to Ottawa on December 4,2023 to be part of the rally in the support of state of Israel and in the support of the release of the hostages.
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