Jorde M. Nathan

Jewish Votes Matter

Many pundits suggest the Democrat Party Drift is about Michigan. Those who observe the Drift suggest the Arab population of Michigan is putting pressure on the party. We can see the Drift most clearly as related to the Israel / Hamas war.

Israel is an American ally. By American standards, Israel is a democratic society with a vibrant and meritocratic economy. Israeli public and political discourse and peaceful protest is commonplace. By global economic and social standards, Israel is a nice place to live. In the context of the neighborhood, some may say Israel is a miracle – a literal Mecca for freedom and expression.

By American standards, the leaders of the Israeli Government are elected by the people and enjoy public support. If not, like in America, those leaders would not be re-elected. Obviously, we in America do not vote in Israeli elections. So, considering the Hamas terror war, why are we resisting the will of our dear ally Israel? There is so much mudslinging at Israel and its duly elected leader Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. How can we understand this?

Like it or not, Netanyahu is the duly elected leader of our ally. He has been invited and plans to address both branches of the United States Congress. It should surprise no one that America welcomes leaders of allies to address government. Our Congress has welcomed Anwar Sadat, Benazir Bhutto, Margaret Thatcher, King Hussein, Volodymyr Zelensky, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, Iraqi PM Nuri al Maliki, Hamid Karzai Pope Francis among others. Congress has even welcomed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. PM Netanyahu is slated to address Congress very soon.

Our nation welcomes foreign leaders and welcomes these leaders with respect.  Respect, that is, except for the leader of a most critical ally Israel. We might expect “Every Member” of Congress to attend addresses of world leaders, right? Right!  Except not when it comes to Israel. Remember the Democrat Party Drift? The current is so strong that some Democrat Members plan to reject PM Netanyahu’s address. They are planning to skip this invited world leader’s address of their ivory-chamber. Is this how you treat an ally? These members hear street thunder and are afraid to stand up. They see synagogue violence and blood-paint vandalism and are quiet. Do they see/hear the rising tide of left-drifting Jew hatred? A careful listen to these Drifters reveals their kow-tow to the terror-deniers. “We would stand against rape, but was there rape?”  “October 7 was like so long ago….leave Gaza already.’  “We support Israel, but Israel (our ‘ally’) needs a new leader.” That is like being unconditionally in love. Except the unconditional love has a few conditions.

We all know this is a false and hijacked narrative. Iranian-backed Hamas launched a death campaign against Israel. It is a calculated murder and beheading and baby-baking and hostage-taking. The terror playbook includes unimaginable atrocities.  Against this backdrop, against threats to the people of a sovereign ally of America, how/who could anyone of sound mind at least have the courtesy and decency to LISTEN to a Congressional address? Shame on the Democrat Drifters. How can you be so bold and rude? Perhaps it is politics: the Arab population Michigan is putting pressure on the party. Perhaps it is something more nefarious; perhaps the Dreft gives cover for anti-Israel Congressmen. The Drift: it perverts or allows American leadership to stand in respect to the death of the murderous Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi served the Tehran branch of the “1988 Iran death commission. Will America stand for terror while we sit and reject ally addresses of Congress?

Voting habits change. Policy priorities change. Political platforms change.  Leadership changes. And Drifting is contagious. We see African American and Latino communities changing political alliances. In these cases, the Drift is from Democrat to Republican. And in light of disrespect for the leadership of American ally Israel, it IS possible that the voting pattern of pro-Israel Jews will change.  Congress: before you walk out on an American ally, consider that Jews vote. Get the Drift?

About the Author
Jorde M. Nathan is a former Managing Director at Barclays Capital responsible for distributing and sourcing par and distressed loans. Prior to Barclays, Mr. Nathan joined Lehman Brothers in 1994 to launch a loan origination and trading business. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Amherst College with a major in Chinese. Jorde has lived in London, Hong Kong and Beijing and speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese and limited Hebrew. Nathan is past President of the Friends of the Israel Defense Forces Midwest Region and serves on the National Board. Mr. Nathan has served on the Board of Directors of Solomon Schechter Day Schools and on the Endowment Committee of the Jewish Federation. He is an alumnus of the Wexner Heritage Foundation and a former member of the United Jewish Communities National Young Leadership Cabinet. Jorde is a Zionist and has visited Israel nearly 20 times…leading missions, bringing first-timers, leading the annual “Nathan Family trip” and participating in the Nachshon missions. The Nathan Family consists of Jorde, wife of 33 years Helene Diamond Nathan from Vancouver, British Columbia, and four day school children Reeven Earl (30), Sophie Charlat Diamond (28), Chase Chaiim Tzvi (27) and Levy Yitzchak (23). Jorde is an avid fly tier and fly fisherman and spends his days learning Talmud at the Hebrew Theological College and leading opinion regarding the US/Israel relationship. The Nathans live in Chicago and Park City.
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