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Jews Are Considering Leaving Britain

“I’ve thought about Australia. I’ve wondered about Canada. And I’ve pondered the US. Along with 47 percent of my fellow Jews (according to a recent Jewish Chronicle poll), I have seriously considered where I might want to move to should we wake up on Friday to a Corbyn-led government.”

So wrote Stephen Pollard, the editor of the UK’s Jewish Chronicle, in a Telegraph article on December 11 2019.  Fortunately, as we wake up to Corbyn’s resounding defeat, and his imminent departure from the UK’s political scene, Mr. Pollard will not have to make such a difficult choice.

The Jewish Chronicle is the oldest continuously published Jewish newspaper in the world having started life in 1841. Perhaps the editor of this old newspaper has yet to catch up with modern times. I would like to inform Mr. Pollard that there now exists the State of Israel. He has no need to look for yet more Antisemitism in Australia, Canada, or the US. He will be welcomed to the only country that Jews can call their own.

It is very strange that this man, who edits a newspaper that purports to speak for British Jewry, did not see fit to even mention Israel among the bolt-holes he was considering.

Perhaps Mr. Pollard has missed the following recent headlines:

Australia sees 30% spike in anti-Semitic incidents in 2019
(Israel HaYom  November 28 2019)

Antisemitism ‘takes hold on political left in Australia’
(The Australian  November 14 2019)

Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada hit record number for 3rd straight year
(Times of Israel April 30 2019)

Police suspect hate crime after Jewish boys assaulted in Toronto
(Times of Israel August 5 2019)

Antisemitism is rising in the U.S.
(The Jewish News of Northern California  October 28 2019)

White Supremacist Plotted to Bomb Colorado Synagogue, F.B.I. Says
(The New York Times  November 4 2019)

And if Mr. Pollard was thinking of running to Europe, a glance at another excellent article in The New York Times may enlighten him:
Inconvenient Murders – The global surge in Jew-hatred barely registers in the West.
(The New York Times  December 5 2019)

It is a sad reflection on British Jewry that, despite the current wave of antisemitism in many western countries, Mr. Pollard’s first thought was to run for shelter in some of the worst offenders, with not even a mention of the obvious choice for any Jew – Israel. We note that even though Corbyn lost, in no less than 200 constituencies people thought that he was their man. Perhaps, the next time the UK looks like adopting an anti-Semite as the country’s leader, Mr. Pollard could seriously reconsider where he would like to run to and add Israel to his list, preferably at the top.

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