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Job Boards Dictionary in Israel

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since my last post. The only excuse I have for you is the truth: I’ve been pretty busy lately.

Since I have a captive audience, I decided to translate and republish this funny piece from Guy Ordever (originally published in Hebrew). This is how you should really read the Israeli Job Boards (don’t forget that Israelis are very sarcastic and usually male chauvinistic, so don’t get offended):

Translation and design by Caroline Hauser Slapak. To see the picture bigger, click here.

I hope that I’ll be able to catch up with my article backlog very soon! Please, keep sending me post suggestions! And don’t forget to share this post, so more people can really begin to understand to read in between “Israeli” lines.

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Caroline made Aliyah from Brazil in 2015. She has a BA in Business and MBA in Finance. Most of her experience in Brazil was working for business consulting firms (locals and globals). After she made Aliyah, she was "lucky" to find her first job very quickly. The second time she was looking for a job, she had encountered some differences in the hiring process. In an attempt to expand her network, she was constantly meeting new people and exchanging experiences. From these discussions, she understood that the differences are not only specific to the Brazilian job market, but they are very peculiar to Israel. As everybody else, she had to make mistakes and learn with her own failures; some important information she had to dig deep to find them. As a business consultant, she have learned a lot about organization & methods and this is how she's able to summarize them as "lessons learned". In this blog, she'll share her knowledge and practical tools to help all the other job seekers. "Happy is that one who transfers what he knows and learns what he teaches." - Cora Coralina (Brazilian writer)
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