Shai Goldman


Stands now Judah, and looks his brother in the eyes:
Not you, my lord, nor your pharaoh’s crown or chair
Can dare to ask my leave from here, nor can I bear
To stand and watch my brother tortured with your lies!
No, father’s soul is bound with his by deathless ties,
And I have set myself his guarantor: his share
Is mine to pay, mine to give guard, mine to take care;
O! how could I take sight of father’s tormented demise?

Joseph — who now cannot contain his love and tears
Withheld for twenty-two long, bitter, lonely years
Estranged from his dear home, his dreams, his legacy —
In tears responds: your brother Joseph, I am he;
Long ago you sold me — but now, hold your fears
And tell me: does father live for my weary eyes to see?

About the Author
Shai Goldman spent three years studying talmud at Yeshivat Har Etzion. He is currently pursuing his bachelors in Computer Science at Columbia University. There, while taking the required core literature courses, he fell in love with poetry, and began writing poems of his own. His recent book, "Poems on the Parsha," is available on Amazon.
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