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Judaism for All: New Holy Prayer for Jews of Color

Barack O. Mandel at the grave site of Rabbi Elazar Shach in B’nai Brak, Israel..

The Need for this New Jewish Prayer

There are millions of Jewish people of color around the world including: Sephardic, Yemenite, Persian, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Latino, African American, Asian, and many others.

It is therefore time for our official prayer books (Siddur) to reflect the rich racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our Jewish people. By including this special prayer for Jews of Color, our Jewish communities will become more inclusive, accepting, compassionate, and loving.

I recently studied several Jewish prayer books including: “Tehillat HaShem” by 770 (Chabad Lubavitch/Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch) in New York; the Artscroll series Schottenstein Edition; and “Mishkan T’fillah” by the Central Conference of American Rabbis.

After years of study, prayer, meditation, and preparation, I have written this new holy prayer for all Jewish people to celebrate Jews of Color which can be added to morning prayer (Shacharit), afternoon prayer (Mincha), and evening prayer (Maariv/Arvit).

Request for Support from Rabbis

It is officially requested that the following Jewish institutions approve this new prayer: Orthodox Union (OU), Agudat Israel, United Torah Judaism (UTJ), Degel HaTorah, Shas, Eda Haredit, Rabbinical Council of California, Rabbinical Council of America, Union of Reform Judaism, United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association, and Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah.

It is requested that Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis of the United Kingdom approve this new prayer. It is also requested that Rabbi Aryeh Malkiel Kotler of Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, New Jersey approve this new prayer.

I ask the following organizations to endorse and support this new prayer: World Jewish Congress (WJC), Jewish Agency, Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, Hillel, Hadassah, NCSY, USY, Bnai Brith, Anti-Defamation League, and American Jewish Committee (AJC).

The Text of the New Prayer


by Barack O. Mandela, Esq. ( Hebrew Name: Benjamin Ze’ev Rothschild)

O Heavenly Father

“Bring peace to your people”

O Creator of the world

“Have mercy on Israel”

O God Almighty, you are the Source of eternal Truth and eternal Life,

We call upon You to have mercy on the people of Israel.

O Heavenly Father, we plead with you to bless and protect homeless and displaced people.

O God of the Prophet Abraham, we ask you to bring an end to racism, discrimination, brutality, prejudice, and hatred.

O God of the Prophet Moses, have mercy upon the whole world, bring empowerment to the weak, poor, and marginalized.

May the God of Israel bless us with acceptance and appreciation for diversity and inclusion of all ethnicities into the nation of Israel.

May the Source of Peace bring peace to the whole world.


Barack Obama Mandela earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law with a specialization in International Law. He is a protégé of the late Professor Stefan A. Riesenfeld.

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