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Julien Blin links Silicon Valley and Israel’s wearable tech space

Meet the man bringing some of America's best for the May wearable tech conference
Julien Blin (Youtube screenshot)
Julien Blin (Youtube screenshot)

During SXSW 2014, I connected with Julien Blin who runs a consulting firm, Gizworld, which advises and partners with companies in the emerging wearables space. Julien was at SXSW as panelist on the subject of the future of wearables and content. He’s also wearable computing liaison at Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Center.  

By wearables, think FitBit (designed by Israel’s Gadi Amit), Jawbone’s UP, Nike’s FuelBand, The Shine, Apple’s much talked about iWatch, and other major brands that are looking at how to embed low cost sensors and microprocessors as part of our daily lives. Intel’s Atom Microprocessor, developed in Israel, is also a part of this emerging consumer technology category. Qualcomm, also with a major presence in Israel now produces the TOK Smartwatch is eyeing this space.

Julien is coming to Israel where he is collaborating with Nir Kouris to holding the first wearables tech conference, Wearabletech Israel on May 12, featuring Rackspace Startup Liaison, Robert Scoble. Also speaking will be OurCrowd’s Jon Medved, Meta’s Meron Gribetz, Misfit Wearable’s Sonny Vu, Avegant’s Yobie Benjamin, and Scottevest’s Scott Jordan.

Julien wants to help accelerate Israel’s emerging wearables sector, aligning it with Silicon Valley, and connect the two ecosystem for collaboration and business development opportunities. You’d be well served to connect with Julien, and if you’re in Israel on May 12, be part of Wearabletech Israel.

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