June 8th – the new American National Holiday

This could not have come at a worse time for Trump – Prime Time season is over, season finales have aired, and cable tv news ratings are at an all-time high. The excitement in the DC air and around the country, including Pittsburgh, is palpable.

Comey is coming before Congress! Extra, extra, read all about it!

He has been maligned by the US President and in four days he’ll have the opportunity to defend the FBI’s honor, as well as his own. And it’s said he’s a superb storyteller, so cross fingers and toes, he’s going to bring it.

Here’s what I want to know – who is going to hold either Trump or his phone hostage so his head doesn’t explode all over Twitter? Before the Secret Service comes knocking on my door, let me be clear – that was a metaphor. Clearly, clearly, there is no one in the White House remotely capable of reigning in Donald Trump’s impulse control.

Anyway, where was the Secret Service when I had to wade through all the repulsive memes on social media from my former friends? Where was the moral outrage from all the people attacking Kathy when they posted horrific images and “cartoons” about Hillary and Barack? When children were bullied on account of Trump’s ugly heart and rhetoric?

My guess is her video was a bonanza for Melania, who has probably been searching for any plausible reason not to move to DC. If she’s worried about Barron now, she shouldn’t bring him anywhere near the West Wing on June 8th. No child should have to see their father that enraged.

For months there have been reports that our President roams the halls of the White House in his bathrobe, throwing tantrums over American citizens holding him accountable for his words and policies. Is this really the healthiest environment for a young boy? Kathy’s mistake is the least of Melania and young Barron’s problems.

Melania, now it’s your family who owes all the real victims in London an apology. They have family, too, and your husband is far worse than any random comedian, he’s supposed to actually represent the American people. But Trumps never apologize.

You should not dare use your child to scapegoat anyone when you are benefiting from and complicit in your husband’s horrific destruction of our country and our world. Half the world’s terrorists get funded from Saudia Arabia and Russia, your husband’s bff’s.

You’ve got to know somewhere deep inside you are married to an emotionally abusive man, a man who will hurt anyone for his own greed and lust for power. And he has found kindred spirits to surround himself with. This includes men, like your husband, who enjoy attacking women.

So I understand that while the rest of the country will be celebrating on June 8th, you and everyone in the West Wing will be both frightened and baffled, wondering how it all went so horribly wrong. Ivanka, if she can comprehend exactly how not powerful she is at this moment, will be quaking in her Chinese shoes.

The GOP will do their best to have your back. They’ll put on their serious faces and ask about unmasking and leaks, as if they are not themselves pissing all over America. They certainly know how to take the lead from your husband.

Trey Gowdy’s head will seem even pointier, as if it’s about to shoot up to the ceiling…but try as they might, they will never stand as tall as James Comey. And if they really want to know about leaks, they need to call Steve Bannon to testify. He’s the Command Leaker and Chief.

The Republicans cannot dim the light being shined or stop the fireworks. They control everything in DC but the truth. And they are following a man who has no capacity to lead, who demands loyalty from everyone and offers none.

People who are innocent open up their windows and let the fresh air in. They don’t fire their investigators and they don’t “forget” their secret meetings with the Russians and they don’t lie under oath before Congress and they don’t cry “fake news” in the face of the truth. They don’t obfuscate and hide and tweet covfefe in the middle of the night. People who are innocent provide all documentation requested by Congress willingly. Unlike my state’s Senator Corker, they understand the meaning of the word ‘forthcoming’.

What’s really funny is this silly idea Trump and Nunes keep singing – that the Democrats made up the Russia story because they lost the election. Well, first, the Intelligence agencies reported the Russian interference long before the election took place. Second, as if…as if the Democrats were that organized and together. If that were the case, we wouldn’t be dealing with this hot, stinking mess.

The question remains, should Comey be accompanied by a camp size crowd cheering: ‘What do we want? Impeachment! When do we want it? Now!’, or a more solemn approach? Perhaps a military jazz band?

Let’s just take a moment to pray that we can overcome and rid ourselves of the sordid stench currently occupying the White House and the halls of the Republican Congress. Let us pray for the victory of truth and integrity, and for the speedy success of James Comey and Robert Mueller. May God bless the media, the American people, the peace loving citizens of the world, and our beautiful planet. Happy 8th of June!

About the Author
Dana is a Jewish feminist, writer and poet. She is passionate about kindness, spirituality, the artist's voice, and speaking out for the vulnerable. She lives in New York.
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