“Jupus” The Jewish Cognitive Disorder of These Tumultuous Times

How to explain to our non-Jewish friends the seemingly bizarre political behavior of much of the American Jewish community? I call it “Jupus.”

It’s a condition. It needs a clinical description —

“Lupus is an auto-immune disease where antibodies that are normally produced to fight off external infections, have their function somehow inverted, and begin to attack the host body itself.

In Jupus, the special inborn Jewish intelligence provided by the Lord to help Jews survive on a hostile planet, especially perhaps to ward off dangerous anti-Semitic assaults, reverses its function and attacks instead the host Jewish community. It appears that the more advanced the intellectual gifts, the more extreme the disease, as in the Chomskyite strain.

In its more common form, Jupus is associated with simple leftism – a Jewish adaptation to persistent assault in which the attacked Jewish identity is submerged and a posture of universalism, sometimes also expressed as a soft socialism, adopted in its stead.  The resultant universalist-minded Jews ostentatiously demonstrate an exaggerated concern for “the other” – for “everyone” — (at the same time becoming hypercritical of their own).  This ostensibly serves the double purpose of achieving some protection from the dangers and burdens of the Jewish identity – without actually having to publicly renounce it and risk charges of disloyalty — while at the same time projecting a status more elevated and virtuous than their un-reformed, “parochial” brethren.

On the religious plane, this is clearly observable in the growing phalanx of those Jews who seek to substitute leftist universalism for Torah Judaism, the “we’re here to help the world” dodge. Among the universalist Jews, those who adopt a religious tonality are known as “Tikkunistas.”

About the Author
Charles Jacobs is President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance.