Just How Many Is Enough?

Over the last few weeks during Israel’s latest fight with the Arab terrorists in Gaza, we saw an alarming spike in antisemitic attacks. To be clear, the antisemitism was always there, but the many videos of the public display of violence both verbal and physical was a shock to many Jews.

We saw horrible images of Jews being spat on at restaurants in Los Angeles. We saw Jews being beaten up in the streets of New York. We saw cars, adorned with Palestinian flags chase down a Jewish man in a carpark as he was coming home from the synagogue. He was running for his life and we can only thank God he managed to escape. We also saw a convoy of cars in London, with Palestinian flags on the windows and the roof blaring on loud speakers calling for the murder of Jews and the rape of mothers and daughters. Even a small Jewish solidarity meeting in Chicago was attacked by these same thugs calling for the murder of Jews.

All around the world we have seen Israeli flags burnt and violent mobs calling for the deaths of the Jewish people. These are scenes that would have fitted in very well in Nazi Germany.

The thing to remember in all these attacks is that they weren’t demonstrations against Israel – but against Jews. In Los Angeles, when the thugs pulled up to a restaurant, they asked where are the Jews? It wasn’t just Israel that were shouting against – it was simple Jews, whether they were religious, secular, left-wing, right-wing…

This frenzied blood lust of words and actions was fuelled not just by these Arab terrorist thugs, but by their enablers – the so-called liberals in our society, the movie stars, the comedians, the entertainers. Because even though they lack knowledge or understanding of the situation, when people like Mark Ruffalo scream genocide – millions listen, and no belated apology on Twitter will make up for that.

Both John Oliver and Trevor Noah lamented the supposed lack of deaths on Israel’s side while mourning the loss of only the Arabs in Gaza. It wasn’t fair they said. They gave a simplistic ridiculous fantasy-laden error-ridden analysis which proves that while comedians are often very intelligent people, in this particular case they clearly aren’t.

But it wasn’t just them of course. Many officials from countries and organisations around the world were very concerned about the “disproportionate” deaths on the Gazan side compared to the Israeli side.

Basically they didn’t like the scorecard, because in their simplistic worldview, the amount of deaths equals the good guys or the bad guys. If you had to use that same logic in World War 2, then Germany with their 8.8 million deaths and Japan with their 3.1 million deaths were clearly the good guys, while America, Canada and the United Kingdom with their combined deaths of less than a million were unequivocally the bad guys!

So just how many Jews and Israelis should die before it’s considered enough for Israel to receive a positive outcome and analysis by the genius minds of professors John Oliver and Trevor Noah – both experts in the fields of war and history.

Is a thousand Jewish deaths okay? Maybe ten thousand? Or a million – will that be enough? How about 6 million?

Then there is the Biden administration which of course many Jews voted for…

Now it’s true that President Biden supported Israel’s right to defend itself, but that is in itself a nonsensical statement since every country inherently has that right or obligation. I also think it’s most likely that pressure was applied to Israel to initiate an unconditional ceasefire even though rockets were still being fired on Israeli civilians. Again, I have to ask the question – would any other country apply a cease fire while their citizens are still being attacked by rockets? Would America?

But despite the support, we also can’t ignore the fact that this is an administration who re-established funding to the Arab terrorists in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. The money they gave to these terrorist entities has allowed them to continue to fund rockets and tunnels and to ensure the continuing terror pensions that go to every Palestinian who murders or tries to murder Jews. These are American tax dollars at work!

However, we shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose, considering that the Obama/Biden administration also gave two billion dollars to the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world – Iran, who is also the primary funder of terrorism in Gaza. It is also the very same regime that the Biden administration is inexplicably negotiating with right now in Vienna regarding saving their dangerous nuclear deal.

But when Biden today, finally after two weeks, decided to condemn the anti-Semitism in his own country as well as around the world, I didn’t quite share the enthusiasm of this sudden acknowledgment of the oldest hatred on the planet. Why did it take so long? How many attacks was he waiting for?

Because for two weeks, he said nothing. There was merely static coming from his office while Jews were being attacked in the streets. And when he did finally condemn it, he failed to mention just where these attacks came from – namely those Arab Muslim thugs screaming Palestine while beating up innocent people with metal posts.

Now, as we know, if attacks are committed by white supremacists, it would be headline news full of talk shows warning of the dangers of white supremacy, but it seems if the perpetrators don’t fall into that category, there is then a strange silence that descends upon all these officials who should be at the forefront of condemning these hate crimes. That’s why when you read about synagogues being attacked and people being brutally punched in the streets, such as many religious Orthodox Jews in New York have experienced, it was largely ignored by those outside the Jewish community, because many of the perpetrators did not fall into the white supremacist category.

That’s not to dismiss white supremacists who are horrible, disgusting people who hate Jews and blacks with an absolute passion, but to only call them out while ignoring all the other hate crimes being committed whether it’s by Muslims or blacks or anyone else, then that’s not fighting hate crimes against Jews, but perpetuating it. And let’s not forget the very explicit antisemitism of the Black Lives Matter movement’s leaders – something mainstream media shy away from completely.

So call me a cynic, but it’s hard for me to believe his sincerity when members of his own party, like Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others continue to spruik their antisemitic lies and blood libels about Israel without even the slightest rebuke by the party leadership.

Nevertheless there is still hope among the hatred. There are still many politicians who do speak out against the anti-Semitic plague infesting the world and there are news anchors in America and Australia and I’m sure other places that do recognise and talk about the terrible phenomena we are seeing.

And there are also ordinary people from all walks of life who show that human decency does still exist in the world, like the Muslim Uber driver who saved two Jewish teens in Brooklyn from being beaten up by Palestinian thugs. Or the many people – Jews and non Jews – who attended rallies around the world standing up for Israel.

It’s pure insanity that Israel is the only country on earth whose very right to even exist is discussed so openly – something that doesn’t happen to any other country in the world. But all we need to do is look anywhere and see the countless violent attacks to realise how every Jew needs Israel to exist not just for our own personal safety but the moral decency of the world, for we all know that what starts with the Jews doesn’t end with the Jews…

It is a great irony then that this tiny sliver of land, surrounded by blood thirsty enemies who dream of her destruction and launch thousands and thousands of rockets upon her citizens remains today the safest place in the world for Jews.

About the Author
Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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