Yoseph Janowski
By the Grace of G-d


On 7 October the world became obligated to bring Hamas, the new Nazis, to justice.

The U.S., Britain, Germany and others have been sending armaments to Israel, as the Jewish people defend themselves and destroy Hamas.

But many others, including the United Nations, are not only abdicating their responsibility to destroy the evil of Hamas, they are even condemning and trying to obstruct Israel. But Israel is persisting, and Hamas is now on the verge of being obliterated. This will benefit the entire world.

In three weeks, Jewish families worldwide will celebrate the festival of Passover, remembering how G-d passed over Jewish homes when He killed Egypt’s firstborn, and then redeemed the Jewish nation from Egypt.

Families will gather together on the first night of Passover (and in the diaspora also the second night) and recite the Haggadah, telling the story of our redemption. We will eat Matzah (unleavened bread) to remember how our ancestors did the same. And we will drink four cups of wine, representing the four expressions of Redemption which are mentioned in the Torah.

And there will be a fifth cup of wine standing on the table, but we won’t drink it. It is called the cup of Elijah, the prophet who will bring us news of our imminent final Redemption.

After we recite the Grace after eating, we will then fill this fifth cup of wine, and we will open the outside door of the house to greet Elijah, who traditionally visits us.

And as the door is open, we will recite very powerful passages declaring our faith that the Almighty will indeed dispense retribution and justice on our enemies.

Listen to the words. They inspire us, especially these days as we see Israel, with G-d’s help, eradicating Hamas.

“Pour out Your anger on the nations who do not acknowledge You, and on the kingdoms who do not call to Your Name. For they have consumed Jacob, and laid desolate his abode. Pour Your anger on them, and may Your wrath reach them. Chase (them) with anger and destroy them from under G-d’s heaven.”

Powerful words. Fear not nations of the world. Justice will be done. Redemption is very close, when all the Jewish people will gather with our righteous Moshiach to Jerusalem, and the light of peace and glory will shine from the third and everlasting Holy Temple and illuminate the entire world, when evil will be no more, and the entire world will recognize G-d’s dominion forever.

May it transpire very soon.

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