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The controversialist delights in the idea of himself as a lone crusader, penetrating with the poignant truth the virgin ears of a society unwilling to hear.

“Just speaking the truth” (that others can’t handle) is surely Kanye’s internal justification for stating his ominous “facts” about Jewish American and global influence. There is however the signal difference between fact and truth, and between stating the one and speaking the other. 

Let me reiterate and concur with some of the facts as Aryan conspiracists state them. Jews composite an almost negligible 0.2% of the global population (of Americans, some 2% are Jewish). Jewish impact has been since the days of Mt. Sanai “disproportionate”–a word which, in the mouths of anti-immigrant nativists and the race-proud, swells with sinister implication. From the Ten Commandments to Waze (where was the latter when the former was given, but only after 40 directionless years?), the Jewish phenomenon is well-trod and well-known.

There is another Jewish phenomenon, as historic and ingratiated, alongside disproportionate Jewish successes – their exile, slavery, suppression, nigh destruction. It is a curious fact that each of the world’s civilizations, lost and extant, has recurrently endeavored to obliterate this single and singular semitic group. The mere survival, let alone staggering flourishing, of this small people is itself a fact to bewilder the historian, to bedazzle the student of history, and to enrage the revisionist.

It is not so much the conundrum of these statistical facts that neo-Nazi conspiracists get wrong. Many “belonging” to the Jewish faith (most of whom, in fact, are unfaithful to that religion), by happenstance if not volition, have outstanding economic and cultural force. Hollywood was begat by Jews. Presidential campaigns and cabinets have had influential Jews at its head (if not yet its Kippah). From the secluded laboratory to the public stage, Jews have convulsed, and even created, whole departments of the sciences and arts. “Hi-tech” and “Israel” occur almost by default alongside each other in sentences where either topic is the subject. Some be too keen to notice that homosexual men are statistically more prevalent in the arts–even speaking of a gene which gives them this creative flair. Then, most of those homosexuals are found to be Jewish ones.  Russian virtuosity in classical music is accepted; yet inspect more keenly their patronymics, and those Russians are also often found to be Jewish. Jews have not the power of numbers, yet nonetheless they have the impact. That trending political utterance as applied to envied groups, “disproportionate impact”, may be accepted as fact in the Jewish case. (Be wary whenever this collocation is uttered; it generally augurs nothing good. Reacting to Asian disproportionate numbers among Ivy Leaguers, the Judges of social justice seek to cap Asian enrollment in a way that echoes university quotas once placed on “yids”.)

To adopt the wise words of the clueless high school princess–“Yea, and?” So what is right. Why the disproportionate ado? What is so much the matter with having a disproportionate group or individual impact? Must every grouping of people, however arbitrarily we so decide to group them–whether by race or colour or creed–have a socio-cultural impact in exact proportion or expectation to their numbers? I desire every minority be majorly impactful; to continually outdo the expectation of themselves; and to have a greater influence than their numbers would bare out, bringing the best of their unique brain and brawn toward civilization’s advancement.

The sinisterism in drawing the graph on Jewish numbers and social impact consists in the implication that certain amenable ears subconsciously seek to derive from them. A sort of race/religion nepotism is that take away. The tacit message is that Jews are somehow “in it” together; and we–the 0.98% leftover–are out of it as a consequence. It is but an echo of what can be heard explicitly by torch bearing figures as they march black-booted down conspiracy lane (such as the execrable Nick Fuentes, with whom Ye has been campaigning): “Jews will not replace us!” 

From atheist to Haredi, Jews are so diverse a people as to be culturally and religiously striving against each other; and if one can imagine to oneself a coalition of Zionist world conspirators working jointly toward a single sinister end, one ought to take a look at the Zionist coalitions gathered at any Knesset meeting. Jews, particolored and multicultural and multiethnic, cannot agree on a chickpea. 

(The trew Jew, anywho– according to Kanye’s theology–is not Ashkenaz, Sephardic, or Mizrahi, but African. Here Don Ye moves into his own modern edition of Antonianism.)

Though stating, in other words, literal facts, Kanye would still be speaking an untruth. And quite the sinister, ominous one, the perilous implications of which he is too historically provincial, or too individually myopic, too be conscious of. Facts are facts–and the facts of Jewish successes ought to be commendable, when taken in an objective emotionally impartial way. Truth is another thing. What truth is to be serviced by these “uncomfortable” facts is where charges of antisemitic energies on the part of Kanye have validity. Jews, such and such amount of the population, control such and such amount of such and such industry. The nefarious part comes in the implied question: What, then, are we to do about it? Stating the facts of Jewish impact and influence, and leaving it as such, gives the impression, without needing explicitly to say so, though it is clear enough, that there is something wrong, something erroneous, something incongruous–or worse–with this fact. Why state it, otherwise, and why in such a winking way?

If no disproportion compares to the disproportionate success of the Jews, well then no suffering compares to theirs either. The Jews have nearly been made a race to be studied in a museum, and the blueprints for such a museum were literally drafted by Hitler not long ago. Slaves, exiles, second class citizens, and personas non-gratis, Jew have been, alongside successful merchants, money-lenders, inventors, and traders, for most of their history. The fact of their survival is miraculous, and that they flourish overwhelmingly is something to be gaped at, commended, and replicated.

…Or made stupid, envious comments upon. It is unfortunate that Kanye, a minority so successful in his own (increasingly far-) right, (and admired for that by me), chose the latter.

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