Kavanaugh Hearings Reflect Observancy vs Reform

It was entirely predictable.
The Forward, formerly The Jewish Forward, stands solidly behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.  “Christine Blasey Ford,” wrote Forward editor Jane Eisner, “is every woman.”  https://forward.com/opinion/411115/christine-blasey-ford-is-every-woman-this-happens-when-you-push-us-too-far/?attribution=author-article-listing-1-headline
Previously, Eisner had written about Jews without Judaism.  https://forward.com/opinion/407183/so-called-jews-of-no-religion-are-the-impetus-for-a-jewish-revolution/
Faced with accusation of sexual assault, Judge Kavanaugh spoke of his daughters saying their prayers before turning in for the night.
Brett Kavanaugh is not a Catholic without Catholicism.
The Supreme Court seat at issue is determinative between two camps:  One which believes that America’s founding documents are treasures and to be safeguarded.
The other side (think Sotomayor and Kagan) sees America as imperfect and needing transformation.    Ruth Bader Ginsberg went as far as to say that the U. S. Constitution should not be used as a model document for newly emerged nations.  https://www.dailysignal.com/2012/02/08/justice-ginsburg-i-would-not-look-to-the-u-s-constitution/
People like Eisner (and others on the Left) attribute little value to either set of documents, those underlying our nation and those underlying our religions.
Wikipedia says, “Reform Judaism (also known as Liberal Judaism or Progressive Judaism) is a major Jewish denomination that emphasizes the evolving nature of the faith, the superiority of its ethical aspects to the ceremonial ones, and a belief in a continuous revelation not centered on the theophany at Mount Sinai.”
I am not one of Kavanaugh’s coreligionists.  But I have the utmost respect for the judge’s devotion to his religion and to his nation.
I am not a Jew without Judaism.  And I am not an American without respect for its founding documents.
I am for Kavanaugh.
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