Keep the clowns at home!

“We are not going out”. “We are staying at home” These are the slogans we share these days. People share booklists, activity lists, “Netflix” lists on social media. Being an intro-extrovert I have no problem being at home. There are many books to read, many videos to watch. You can also do yoga, meditate, pray. You can study the Bible (or Torah, Quran whichever you believe) or you can study many other things, there are various online courses for you to join. If you are interested in arts, you can paint, play music or even learn to dance. So keep yourselves busy guys, we have plenty of time ahead!

Such an optimistic picture might seem strange for some of you but what can I do? I wouldn’t survive a day if I didn’t encourage myself to be more positive. You will die anyway, with or without Covid-19. Since you are alive enough to read this blog post, go do something, you still have time.

To tell you the truth, I am not writing this article to encourage people, in the end no matter what you say, everyone sees this world through his/her own perspective. My optimistic picture appears to be an example of irrationality in some people’s eyes. For me, the only irrationality that stands out in the social media disinformation about the coronavirus is racism, more specifically, antisemitism.

Let me summarize these two theories:

  1. USA and Israel wanted to destroy China economically and created Covid-19 in lab and voilĂ , it hit China.
  2. Some biomedical companies created Covid-19 and the Jewish families that rule the world supported them financially in order to change the whole social and economic paradigm. Because of this virus outbreak, the monetary system will change and authoritarianism will rise.

I am tired of hearing these arguments everyday on TV. People who have all (!) the academic titles keep talking about how Israel is behind all this and noone asks them if Jews are behind this all, why does Israel fight against Covid-19? These people act as if they have just found out the secret of life or they have all the information in this world and want us to believe that we are ignorant and know nothing about the big evil things Jews have been plotting for years. Sorry for saying this right to your face but even though you always deny, you are all antisemites. You are all racists. “I do like Jews, I only criticize Israel”. No you don’t. You don’t criticize Israel, you are spreading lies about Jews. Your conspiracy theories spread even faster than Covid-19. Your lies have spread all over the country and people are talking about how Jews are all behind this. There are comments in social media, a video of two people talking about Jews and coronavirus has just gone viral.

We should act responsibly. Our media should take responsibility for the fight against racism. We can’t blame people simply on a bunch of baseless theories and ignite another wave of antisemitism. Covid-19 is not the first virus we have seen and it won’t be the last. We have to work harder to find out ways to fight against it and the only way is scientific research. Spreading Jewish hatred through rumours do not help this fight at all and it doesn’t make you appear as an intellectual either, which you are not. You are just a clown. Being a Turk, I wonder where these rational journalists are. Turkish media, TV channels should ban these antisemites. Don’t give these racists a hand. Keep these clowns at home.

About the Author
I was born in Istanbul. I like writing plays and articles, singing and collecting Lego. I am interested in existentialism, Judaism, yoga, literature and theatre. I am living with my parents, my elder sister and my cats.
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