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Keeping a low profile in the fight for Israel and world Jewry


I want to explain why I am now posting on Facebook and other social media outlets on a daily basis.  Before the “Black Sabbath” attack by Hamas on October 7th, I very rarely posted anything.  I believed that it was not my place to be pushing politics into the face of anyone, since I did not like when others did that to me.  October 7th changed that for me when I realized that the defensive war of survival that Israel continues to fight is not just on the physical battlefield.  In the year 2023, an even more difficult but equally important war is being fought on social media.

Unlike last century, antisemites have become very adept at using the relatively new social media weapon against Israel and world Jewry. They use lies, half-truths, false moral equivalencies, and twisted narratives to attack and gain supporters. They may hide their antisemitism by claiming to be only anti-Israel.

Not nearly enough of those people who support Israel and understand the justness and morality of its cause are using their keyboards to fight back. Most choose to keep a low profile and not risk the disapproval of those that have been exposed to and accepted the hater’s narrative.

Living in Israel makes me feel an even greater obligation to partake in this battle.  However, I believe that at this critical time, even if I had not chosen to cast my lot with my people and homeland, I would have nevertheless joined the fight.  I try to post information every day which helps show the reality and truth of what is happening here in the Middle-east in an attempt to counter the steady stream of misinformation in which the rest of the world is immersed.  I am not sure how many people read what I post, or how many even care, since I get very little feedback.  Despite not knowing how much of the public I am informing, I still feel compelled to search for and post the most reliable information.  My goal is to counter what antisemites dispense in the hope that it will change some minds and aid our survival as a people and a nation.

If you care about the well-being of Israel and world Jewry, I would strongly suggest that you also become a soldier in the social media war. Radical Islam and other antisemites are getting much stronger and more organized, as is very obvious if you read the news. Only with a unified front of all supporters of world Jewry, both Jew and Gentile, can we win this battle.  Just as Israelis, who were very divided on October 6th, totally came together on October 7th, world Jewry and all people of good conscience must do the same in support of themselves and Israel.

Radical Islam’s goal is to do to all the world’s non-Muslims what it did to Israelis on October 7th.  To not take the threats against the Jewish people seriously and rise to the occasion at this moment risks seeing the history of the last century repeating itself in this one.  As time has proven, “The hate that starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews.”

Listed below are the news sources which will give you a much more truthful and balanced view of current events in the Middle-east.  Please share as far and wide as possible the information and narratives that will help balance all of the hate and misinformation that is being spewed out in the media.

I encourage you to choose as I did to not keep a low profile at this time. This is when you have the opportunity to defend the Jewish people and Western civilization.  Radical Islam must be stopped before it is too late, as it may already be for much of Europe.  If you and others do not join this fight, it might become a major regret for you in the future if things continue in the direction they are heading.


I am often asked for recommendations of balanced media sources that do not spin Israel news either by omission, word choice, selection of stories and sources, or all of the other techniques that infuse media bias in an attempt to smear Israel. By being exposed to slanted media coverage, a very distorted view of current events can unknowingly be absorbed. Unfortunately, this is pervasive in much of the news media that people unwittingly trust. Here are links to the sources that I find to be the most balanced:

Times of Israel:

I24 News:


Y Net News:

Israel Defense Force Hamas-Israel War Updates:…/real-time-updates-hamas-israel-war/

Israel Realtime Updates: Found on WhatsApp and Telegram

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Originally from Philadelphia, PA and making Aliyah to Netanya, Yehuda had operated an HVAC/R contracting company for 31 years.
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