Kerry’s speech — the two state solution he won’t expect

Last night US Secretary Of State, John Kerry, gave an interesting speech defending the Obama administration and presenting their idea for peace in the Middle East.

The main idea behind it, as he presented it, was to keep the two state solution alive.

But was this really what he was doing?

In my opinion, this speech along with the UN resolution, are actually a smoke screen for their real agenda. The real reason for this coming out now is that they are desperately trying to claim credit for a future solution knowing very well that one is on its way. However, it appears that they have not thought this through and were very impulsive with their reactions to what has been happening this past week.

By doing this, they have created a unique set of circumstances which will actually make it very easy for Netanyahu to create a two state solution completely on his terms, and will leave them with no credit. When the UN will probably pass yet another resolution against Israel, it will mark the end of any type of negotiations between Israel and the PA. This is nothing new and has been said by both Netanyahu and Gilad Erdan before and after the speech. What is important, is that the minute the UN ends any chance for negotiations, Netanyahu will have the power to create a two state solution on his own terms.

When Netanyahu does this, Obama and Kerry will attempt to claim credit, because after all, the idea for a two state solution and the resolution regarding the settlements were pushed by them. Netanyahu will claim, that they were the reason he had to create a two state solution on his own, and that Obama and Kerry have made it worse for the Palestinians by allowing them to believe that they don’t need to recognize Israel’s right to exist.

Here is an idea:

Could it be that both Kerry and Obama were played by Netanyahu, in order to create the perfect circumstances for his own purposes? In addition, did he demolish any chance of them getting credit?

Regardless of my opinion on Netanyahu’s many decisions as Prime Minister, he is probably one of the most tactical players in the game. Every move he has made had a reason.

In my opinion, there is a reason that evidence has been leaked regarding the US involvement in the resolution. It might have been to try to push Obama and Kerry over the edge into doing exactly what they did therefore, giving Netanyahu exactly what he need.

Only time will tell if this is really what is happening.

About the Author
Roey Nickelsberg was raised in Arad and is currently completing his Masters in Under Water Archaeology at Haifa University.
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