Kibitzing with Friends about Politics — Or Not

My day wouldn’t be complete at my offices of Nadia Kiderman DDS or out to dinner with friends, without discussing (and debating) the news of the day. But last night, the tenure of our conversation was far different. In the aftermath of the tragedy in Tel Aviv, I couldn’t bear to even finish my work day. “Ad Masai?” We say this continuously and justifiably so; wishing and praying that Hashem should send Moshiach and bring the ultimate redemption. How much more pain and suffering can we possibly endure?

The tragedy yesterday in Tel Aviv underscores the point that the hatred and violence towards our people has not in any-way ceased. On the contrary, our enemies feel emboldened. For too long their actions have not been met with the type of force they should be met with. America under our current President has done nothing to make it clear (through his actions) that our second home fervently stands with Israel – no matter the costs; and in doing so, send a strong message to terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank that there will be repercussions for their actions. That they must stop. 

But the fact that President Obama has consistently given the cold shoulder to Bibi throughout his two terms in office actually emboldens our enemies. Within social contexts and living in Manhattan it’s only natural that I get flack for bring up Obama in negative terms. I then find out colleagues will say that Nadia Kiderman believes it’s all Obama’s fault. 

It may not all be his fault. But in order for the terror to finally come to an end; we are going to need the next leader of the free world to stand up forcefully and unequivocally in support of Israel. It will send a powerful message to our detractors and to terrorists. And G-D willing, it will stop the heinous attacks against our people like the one that happened in Tel Aviv yesterday.

Am Yisroel Chai!

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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