Mark Baranov

Kill Amalek within

In the intricate tapestry of life, it often seems as if the spirit of Amalek, symbolizing apathy and cold detachment, commands control. This insidious force subtly worms its way into our thoughts, beguiling us to surrender to our most primal desires. The labyrinthine complexities of human nature frequently steer us towards the allure of forbidden longing. Yet, even amid life’s unrelenting trials, we instinctively strive for pleasure – a tantalizing, fleeting refuge from our burdens.

In the face of such awakening, two paths unfurl before us. The first path, a fearful reaction to the whispers of Amalek, culminates in a transformative moment of teshuvah – repentance, a profound pivot towards our genuine selves and our bond with Hashem. This journey is an open admission of our missteps and the fear they induce.

Yet, an alternative path exists, one of bold defiance against the indifferent spirit of Amalek. On this path, we assert our values, deepen our identity, and embark on a journey ablaze with light and joy. This path implores us to weave enjoyment into our mission, stay disciplined and inspired, and recognize that succumbing to forbidden desires only leads us astray from righteousness. Here, in the face of Amalek’s frosty indifference, we counter with the warmth of an innate yearning for tov – seeking the kernel of goodness even amidst our lapses.

By focusing on the tov within us and in others, we summon the strength to break free from the clutches of evil. Recognizing and affirming the tov intentions within ourselves and others is a source of empowerment. In our search for tov in every person, we challenge Amalek’s chill of apathy that threatens to engulf us. This shift in perspective promotes healing and provides a soothing balm for our souls.

To tread this path requires anivut – humility, recognizing the divine spark within each of us. We must curb our judgments of others, liberating ourselves from the unredeemed lower self and enabling others to radiate their unique individuality. We are called upon to embrace the creative tov within us, resisting the allure of forbidden desires.

In the face of worldly challenges and temptations, we rise, embodying resilience and determination. It is in this dor – generation, that the journey of geulah – redemption, takes firm hold. We aim to emanate the divine light, binding love and strength as we navigate towards a triumphant future. Through this journey, we discover that the triumph of tov isn’t merely an end goal but an ongoing journey of awakening and geulah.

About the Author
Mark Baranov, that’s me, openly share my thoughts, feelings and stories as well as commentary on society, relationships and the world around me All thoughts are real and are subject to frequent re-assessment and introspection. All feelings are genuine and raw. All stories are fictional in a real way. All observations come from a place of love even if my language fails to communicate it. This is a blog written by me and for me, but I have published it so that others can either have a voyeuristic delight or something which I have written may resonate and inspire others to think, outside their holding pattern. GOD has granted us this life, to live, to connect and to empower others to do so. So open a post to laugh at my incompetence in prose and just maybe you’ll continue reading because we are not that different.
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